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Released: Guns of Infinity

GoI Header
It’s finally here.

After nearly two years of writing, countless hours of worldbuilding and revision, and a truly astounding amount of narrative creep, Guns of Infinity is finally out for mobile devices and Chrome Webstore (Steam release to follow soon.). Clocking in at 440 000 words, it is the largest work I have ever completed, and certainly the one which I have put the most of my effort and skill into (although that will likely always be true of my most recent work).

The direct sequel to my first IF, Sabres of Infinity, Guns of Infinity continues the story of an aristocratic cavalry officer at war as he rises through the ranks, redeems himself for past disgraces, thrusts himself to new heights of fame, or simply tries to stay alive on the field of battle and off; as he finds himself entangled in the complex intrigues of spies, kings, lords, and foreign powers.

As the main character completes his transition from callow recruit to a battle-hardened senior officer, he is given fresh opportunity to pursue wealth, glory, and even love. Yet new opportunities bring new dangers – not just to his life; but to his reputation, his family, to his very conscience.

You can pick up Guns of Infinity here at the Google Play Store, here for iOS devices.

Update: Guns of Infinity is now out for the Amazon AppStore as well.

Update2: Guns of Infinity is now out for Chrome Webstore as well.

Mecha Ace Update, and What’s Coming Up Next

It’s now been little more than five weeks after the release of Mecha Ace, and I’m proud to say that it appears to be doing really well. Despite a few pesky bugs on release, Mecha Ace has gotten overwhelmingly positive reviews on all three of its release platforms, and I’m almost certain that Choice of Games has recouped every single dollar of their investment into this interactive fiction of mine.

Updates are still ongoing, and I will continue to work on new bugfix patches for as long as new bugs are being reported. That being said, the bugfixing process is only taking up a miniscule fraction of my time.

So what’s next?

Before I’m able to direct my full attention to any other projects, I need to tie up the remaining loose ends I’ve accumulated over the years. First among these is Master of Fortresses 2. Development slowed down dramatically while I was writing Mecha Ace, but I’ve been able to put a great deal more time and effort into it since Mecha Ace’s release. So far, I’ve made exceptional progress, and over the past week or so, I’ve been opening up what I have right now to a small group of testers.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to put up some long-awaited gameplay footage from a thoroughly tested and balanced version of the first level, sometime this week.

The Brave, The Proud, The Rocket Corps


As Mecha Ace rushes courageously towards its release on the 13th, I’d like to take a second to update you on one of my other projects.

Rocket Corps (formerly Rocket Age, but unfortunately, we found out that name was taken) is a character-centered board game with card-based gameplay in a setting best described as 50s space opera, altered for modern sensibilities. Working together as the crew of one of Earth’s first starships, two to four players must face unexplored sectors and mysterious alien threats as members of the eponymous Rocket Corps.

I’ve been part of the development team as lead writer for nearly a year now, and we all feel that the project is starting to come together into something worth showing to the world.

For more info, take a look at Turtle Ship Games’ latest post, complete with some art of one of Rocket Corps’ characters, Captain Jadwiga Zielinska, by one of our artists, the ridiculously talented Eva Toker.

Incoming: Mecha Ace: Heroes of the Vedrian War


It is the dawn of the fifth century of the Interstellar Era. Humanity, having long since escaped its home system, has spread throughout the galaxy. 

Driven by the increasing tyranny of Old Earth, the outer colonies have launched a war of independence against the core worlds. It is a war to the knife; a desperate campaign of deep space battles, long sieges and planetary bombardments, a war fought with ‘combat armatures’; giant piloted humanoid machines, which clash in the battlefields and skies of the outer worlds.

It has been five years since the war started. The conflict between Earth and her rebellious colonies have consumed billions of lives. 

There is no end in sight.

This is what I’ve been working on over the winter: Mecha Ace: Heroes of the Vedrian War, a new interactive fiction taking inspiration from both western science fiction and “real robot” mecha anime. In Mecha Ace, you will take the role of an ace combat armature pilot, fighting for the independence of the outer colonies from an increasingly tyrannical Earth government.

Launching from the CWS Caliburn, a top-of-the-line carrier, you will lead your unit of six mecha into a brutal campaign over the strategically vital star system of Vedria. Over the course of the story, you will be able to choose the machine you pilot and the weapons it carries. You will be able to find friends, enemies and even lovers among the Caliburn‘s crew and your fellow pilots. Ultimately, you will be able to decide the course of the war as the Vedrian campaign comes to a cataclysmic conclusion.

Mecha Ace will come out sometime in the next two months. I’ve put up a new page for it here.


Welcome to the New Site!

Hello everyone!

So, this is my new website, something a bit better organizedl than my “old site” at spacecatstudios.com. It’ll be my personal blog for news on all of my projects, including Sabres of Infinity and any sequels as well as my continuing work on Master of Fortresses 2. From now on, I’ll be posting news and updates regarding the aforementioned projects here, though not based on any fixed schedule.

That being said, expect some exciting stuff coming in the next week or so.