October Update

Big news this month. Lords of Infinity has now been pushed to copyedit, which means a professional is going to look over the text for any inconsistencies and grammatical errors so we can get the whole thing in a state fit for publication. In the meantime, I’ve also been starting on some of the marketing materials, so we’ll have a Steam page up and accepting wishlist entries within the month.

That’s not all I’ve been working on this month though.

If you’ve ever played Guns of Infinity, you’d know that there’s a handful of illustrations sprinkled through the text at important moments. Lords of Infinity will have those too, only instead of eight in total, there’ll be more than twenty this time around. Over the past few weeks, I’ve already completed ten of them (not counting the four I’m carrying over from Guns). Take a look:

Of course, in addition, this month’s installments of A Creator’s Guide to Writing and Worldbuilding, A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea, and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms, are all up as well, so definitely take a look at those if you want.

17 responses to “October Update

  • Crusader11

    It’s so damn close.

    • Jerry

      I love that real life countries history are the basis.
      Antar- Polish-lithuanian commonwealth
      Takar- Rome
      Kian- Carthage
      Tierra- United Kingdom

      • Audon

        How you gonna do ma boi Spain dirty like that?

      • Ethan

        So they say Cassius is a Roman now, ha ha ha.

        I suppose with a name like that it was bound to happen. Or perhaps, with Paul’s take on migrating historical sources to fantasy settings, the U.S. and Holy Roman Empire were bound to re-evplve their progenitor.

      • boysyr

        Takar is inspired more by Prussia or the North Germans than it is inspired by Rome.

      • Ethan

        By George, he’s got it.

        A little BTS info: in its original incarnation, Takara was actually based around a fusion of the early United States and Nazi Germany. And not as a political statement.

      • shut up

        idk why you think kian is carthage, it may just be because i’m chinese but they seem like a definite allusion to imperial china. the whole massive population and country, disciplined army + constant internal disputes seem pretty spot on. carthage was only known for its maritime prowess, not as a martial nation. takar also seems like a mix between imperial germany and meiji era japan, they even have some guy commiting sepukku.

      • Yeiji

        Really like the spanish culture x united kingdom geography, and also kian is clearly based on china.

      • Jerry

        I understand that kian is obviously Chinese, but aspects of kian such as forming their military strategy to specifically fight takar seemed very Rome vs Carthage to me, specifically Hannibal. None of the countries are any one specific real world country. And my observations were entirely based on military tactics, discipline, snobbery, and armor. The cultures themselves vary, however military, from what I know fits my theories although Carthage military pre Hannibal won against young Rome repeatedly. However, the ottoman empire military might fit better overal

  • Michael

    I can’t wait!

  • Paul

    Congratulations on reaching this point! Looking forward to playing the finished version!

  • Anonymous

    I cannot bloody wait for the finished version of this game!

  • dara

    Hi, l can’t find the demo version online anymore. Is it down or I can’t find it?

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