Monthly Archives: November 2016

November Content Update

It’s that time of month again: time for a new installment of The Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea

We’re making a slight digression in this part of The Welles Report with a series of maps showing the progress of the Battle of Blogia. Now you can see where every battalion of infantry, every squadron of cavalry, and every battery of artillery was at the crucial points of the battle.

This is the first time I’ve added genuine real-live pictures to any of my patron-backed content. This was made possible thanks to the 48 generous patrons who’ve helped me meet my first-stage goal of $150 a month. The next goal, at $300 a month, will bring with it a second monthly column, this time devoted to the politics and society of The Fledgling Realms, the setting of The Hero of Kendrickstone and its upcoming sequel, The Cryptkeepers of Hallowford.

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