Monthly Archives: May 2016

New Patreon Content Up

This month’s entry for A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea is now up. This portion of the Countess of Welles’ report focuses primarily on the organisation of the Tierran Army, as well as its institutional flaws and strengths. In addition, it covers the leadership, equipment, and the experiences of the Tierran expeditionary force in the first half of the war. It’s considerably longer than the first part¬†(which was merely an introduction), so it does get to go into a great deal of detail as well: a product of the months of worldbuilding which went into making sure that the portrayals of the King’s Army in Sabres of Infinity and Guns of Infinity¬†were not only faithful to the limitations of pre-industrial early modern warfare, but to the society and politics of the Unified Kingdom of Tierra, and the setting as a whole.

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