Monthly Archives: January 2022

January Update

First of all: sorry this is a bit late. I’m a bit sick at the moment (I’m fairly certain it’s not COVID, since I don’t have any of the specific symptoms of it), so I’ve been working at a bit of a reduced pace these past two weeks. I am getting better, so hopefully, I’ll be able to move a bit faster soon enough.

That being said, I am happy to note that the main plotline of Lords of Infinity is now complete. Clocking in at about 1.3 million words, it is quite literally the biggest and most ambitious thing I’ve ever written by a massive margin. While there’s still a lot of work to do in regards to side-content, as well as gameplay polish (especially balancing), I’m pretty happy with what I have, and I look forward to being even happier with it by the time it’s ready for release.

That being said, I’ve noticed that some folks in the comments are openly discussing plot elements from the open development build. While I’m very happy that you’re as excited to talk about all this as I am, I should point out that a lot of the people reading these comments may not want the plot of an unreleased game to be spoiled for them, so if you plan on walking about plot elements for Lords, it might be a good idea to tone that down a bit, or at least throw up some spoiler warnings.

Meanwhile, this month’s A Creator’s Guide to Writing and Worldbuilding, A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea, and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms, are now all up.