Monthly Archives: February 2017

February Content Update

It’s the second week of the month, which means it’s time for another installment of The Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea.

This month’s article is the long-awaited history of the Royal Dragoons, showing how the regimented developed from an improvised stopgap coastal defence force established in the first days of King Alaric’s War to a hardened veteran unit by the end of the Dozen Years’ War, nearly half a century later.

The subject for this month’s article was chosen by my $2-a-month tier backers on Patreon, who are currently voting for the topic of next month’s article. If you want to support my efforts in presenting more of the Infinite Sea’s worldbuilding, or want your own say in what I should be working on next month, feel free to make a pledge and vote before the deadline on the 19th.