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Sabres of Infinity Patch 1.1.1 (For iOS)

So, the iOS version of Sabres of Infinity patch 1.1.1 is out, after the customary 8-day delay which the AppStore uses to screen incoming updates. This patch (which has been out on the Chrome Web Store and Google Play for some time now) addresses the most salient complaints which the original release received.

-Checkpoint system added: Dying in game will now give you the option of reverting to the beginning of the current chapter. However, these saves are not permanent, and will be wiped if you exit the app.
-Copy-editing: I would say that the vast majority, if not all the grammatical errors and typos are now fixed.
-Final Battle Rebalance: The Battle of Blogia has been tweaked. While success/failure thresholds are still the same, the “critical failure” requirements which lead directly to death have been lowered dramatically.

Master of Fortresses 2: What’s Done Right Now

If there’s one thing that I’ve been keeping quiet about over these past couple months, it is the enormous amount of progress that I’ve been doing solo on Master of Fortresses 2.

Now, this is basically the third iteration of the game, with the previous two having been shut down either by the team being pulled apart through various factors outside of my control or the ultimate realisation that the platform that I’ve spent the past couple years developing for (Flash) is not long for this world. Sometimes, I look back and remember that my original agreement with Armor Games involved delivery sometime around last September. We were on track to hit that goal until sometime around last June, when things started going haywire.

I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve gotten with the current version, as belated as it is. Last week, I finally passed our previous point of furthest advance: I am now closer to finishing the game myself (with help from my composer and vocal cast) than I’ve ever been before, which means I’m no longer futilely retreading old ground. I’m forging ahead into unknown territory now. It’s a bit daunting, but it feels good.

Here’s what’s been done so far:
-Map tiling and scrolling
-GUI display
-Building and unit construction placement
-Collision detection
-Friendly unit AI
-Enemy pathfinding
-Enemy death
-Money and population caps
-Build zones

Here’s what I’m currently working on:
-Enemy combat AI
-Friendly unit/building death

When I finish those two items, I’ll put up the long-promised video update and show you what most of this stuff looks like in action. After that I’ll start working on some of the higher level features: unit experience, support units and advanced tactics like flanking and crossfires.

It’s gonna be fun.

Sabres of Infinity Version 1.1.2

I had rather hoped that my first real update would be something a bit more groundbreaking than this.

Some context: the 1.1.1 update for Sabres of Infinity (released on Chrome Web Store and Google Play, still being processed on AppStore) released five days ago with a checkpoint system. However, because I mis-labelled some of the variables in the saving system, the checkpoint wouldn’t revert your game to the beginning of the last checkpoint. Instead, it would send you to the beginning of the game, but revert your stats to the last time you saved (read: properly).

I sent in a hotfix for the issue on Monday night, and it seems to be uploaded and working on Android/Chrome versions now.

I’ll be going over the details of the 1.1.1 update when it comes out on iOS AppStore later this week.


Welcome to the New Site!

Hello everyone!

So, this is my new website, something a bit better organizedl than my “old site” at It’ll be my personal blog for news on all of my projects, including Sabres of Infinity and any sequels as well as my continuing work on Master of Fortresses 2. From now on, I’ll be posting news and updates regarding the aforementioned projects here, though not based on any fixed schedule.

That being said, expect some exciting stuff coming in the next week or so.