Monthly Archives: September 2014

Master of Fortresses 2 Video Update

Here it is: another look at the gameplay from Master of Fortresses 2. This time, I show off a new map, “Alte Veste”, based on the battle of the same name which took place during the Thirty Years’ War. I also show off new gameplay features like the Barracks/Population Cap system, as well as the Redeployment system, which was developed in direct response to one of the largest complaints about Master of Fortresses 1: the inability to move units after they were placed.

More video updates in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned.

Good News, Bad News and Other News

As the title might suggest, I’ve got all sorts of news today.

The bad news first, I suppose: It turns out Armor Games’ HTML5 portal isn’t quite set up yet, and won’t be for a few more months. That means that’s possible Master of Fortresses 2 might not see a release until early 2015. ┬áThat being said, I’m still working on it. Almost all the maps are complete, and I’ll likely be uploading a video update sometime tomorrow to show off some new mechanics which tackle some of the glaring issues with Master of Fortresses 1.

The good news: this delay not only means that I have more time to polish and bugfix, but also that I can start work on new projects ahead of schedule. The most prominent of which is Guns of Infinity, a direct sequel to last years’ Sabres of Infinity, picking up right where the first part of the story left off. As the months go by, I’ll post a few snippets of what I’m working on up here, and maybe discuss a few of the themes and bits of lore, if that ends up being a popular draw.

Lastly, I am also working on another project as a writer-for-hire for CoG. I’ve already got about a third of the text done. I look forward to revealing more information about that in the future as well.