Good News, Bad News and Other News

As the title might suggest, I’ve got all sorts of news today.

The bad news first, I suppose: It turns out Armor Games’ HTML5 portal isn’t quite set up yet, and won’t be for a few more months. That means that’s possible Master of Fortresses 2 might not see a release until early 2015.  That being said, I’m still working on it. Almost all the maps are complete, and I’ll likely be uploading a video update sometime tomorrow to show off some new mechanics which tackle some of the glaring issues with Master of Fortresses 1.

The good news: this delay not only means that I have more time to polish and bugfix, but also that I can start work on new projects ahead of schedule. The most prominent of which is Guns of Infinity, a direct sequel to last years’ Sabres of Infinity, picking up right where the first part of the story left off. As the months go by, I’ll post a few snippets of what I’m working on up here, and maybe discuss a few of the themes and bits of lore, if that ends up being a popular draw.

Lastly, I am also working on another project as a writer-for-hire for CoG. I’ve already got about a third of the text done. I look forward to revealing more information about that in the future as well.

One response to “Good News, Bad News and Other News

  • Dustin Riddell

    Hey man, really enjoyed sabers of infinity, when are you releasing guns of infinity?

    And are you going to implement a save on sabers to transfer to guns?

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