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Out Now: The Hero of Kendrickstone


As of today, The Hero of Kendrickstone is out on all platforms.

Continuing the trend of being bigger and more ambitious than anything I’ve ever done, Kendrickstone is 245 000 words of high-fantasy adventure, with a level of freedom-of-choice which I’ve never even attempted before. As struggling adventurer in the Great City of Kendrickstone, will you make your name through great feats of arms and powerful spellcraft, or will you eschew violence for a reputation as a silver-tongued negotiator? Buy armour that might save your life, or eat something more extravagant than stale bread this month? Will you save the city from the vengeful wizard who seeks its destruction, or will you die a failure like so many before you?

You can get The Hero of Kendrickstone on Google Play, the Chrome Web Store, Amazon, the iOS AppStore, or Steam.