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Master of Fortresses 2 Video Update

Here it is: another look at the gameplay from Master of Fortresses 2. This time, I show off a new map, “Alte Veste”, based on the battle of the same name which took place during the Thirty Years’ War. I also show off new gameplay features like the Barracks/Population Cap system, as well as the Redeployment system, which was developed in direct response to one of the largest complaints about Master of Fortresses 1: the inability to move units after they were placed.

More video updates in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned.

Master of Fortresses 2 Gameplay Video!

Here it is, at long last: gameplay footage from Master of Fortresses 2. This clip shows the redesigned menu system, some of the sound and music already implemented, the new graphics, as well some new features which promise to deliver deeper and smoother gameplay.

There’s still a lot more about this game that I’d like to share with everyone, so┬ástay tuned for more videos like this one in the near future.