January Update

First of all: sorry this is a bit late. I’m a bit sick at the moment (I’m fairly certain it’s not COVID, since I don’t have any of the specific symptoms of it), so I’ve been working at a bit of a reduced pace these past two weeks. I am getting better, so hopefully, I’ll be able to move a bit faster soon enough.

That being said, I am happy to note that the main plotline of Lords of Infinity is now complete. Clocking in at about 1.3 million words, it is quite literally the biggest and most ambitious thing I’ve ever written by a massive margin. While there’s still a lot of work to do in regards to side-content, as well as gameplay polish (especially balancing), I’m pretty happy with what I have, and I look forward to being even happier with it by the time it’s ready for release.

That being said, I’ve noticed that some folks in the comments are openly discussing plot elements from the open development build. While I’m very happy that you’re as excited to talk about all this as I am, I should point out that a lot of the people reading these comments may not want the plot of an unreleased game to be spoiled for them, so if you plan on walking about plot elements for Lords, it might be a good idea to tone that down a bit, or at least throw up some spoiler warnings.

Meanwhile, this month’s A Creator’s Guide to Writing and Worldbuilding, A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea, and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms, are now all up.

31 responses to “January Update

  • RC1766

    1.3 million words? Wow! I really cannot wait to finally get to play the real thing. But the fact we are just not getting a release date is very irritating. And considering that a ton of games are releasing on hosted games till November, so I doubt it will release before that. I hope that it releases this year and I don’t have to wait another year. :/

  • Warrius da'l Quintus

    I have been waiting for a long long time, and now it’s almost complete. I still have the swords and guns of infinity apps untouched in my device for a year. Keep doing a great job! Godspeed.

  • Francesco

    Hey Cata if you need any help do hit me up! I can do a bit text code

  • Ben Apakorn

    Wait, what open development build???

  • Uncled

    Man lords is one of my most anticipated games in 2022 i hope i get to play it as soon as possible.
    and 1.3 million words without the side content that’s just simply amazing.
    i hope you get better soon and thank you for the amazing work your doing

  • Granite

    It feels a bit silly to put this here, but I felt that it should be sad: I’m a massive fan of your work! When I was younger, I played Mecha Ace near constantly and it really stuck with me over the years. I really look forward to going through some of your other work!

  • Luke

    I have a question which is unrelated but still i must ask.
    How old are the main characters of the series.
    For example lord renard, lady katarina, lady welles and cazarosta among others. For some like renard there is some reference which gives a rough idea but not so for others
    Anybody who has any idea. Feel free to comment

    • STT

      You can see date of birth of main characters in guns of infinity, go to show stats – personages of importance. I think the war ends in 613 OIE so use math

    • lucanius

      By the end of guns, Mc is 29 years old. Cazarosta should be the same age
      As for lady katarina and welles, they are probably younger.

    • Kingsdragoon

      There is a “personage of importance ” in the stats of the game,wich give the year they were born in ,and the war lasts 12 year and starts at around 602 I think so it should be easy to figure out

  • BJ

    Hey Paul,

    I can’t wait to give you my money. Keep it coming, for both our sakes!

  • Kingsdragoon

    A few questions
    since you end as the commander of the dragoons what will you be able to do ,like change the uniforms?(not that I would ) or give out higher ranks ,like to caius

    Since were tasked in creating a portion of the new army are we able to create different regiments from the militias ,like turn them into cavalry or propor infantry ?

    You can become the earl of castermain but can you keep going up in the peerage to becoming a Duke?

    Since it was the royals who killed wulframs family would that mean renard and his father will join wulfram?

    • cargamaxhidraulicos

      I think you have better advancement options if you support Wulfram. You may join the cazarostras and rule over Leoniscourt or Welles. There are also fewer generals supporting him so you have less competition for advancement while still having the support of the people and if done correctly more power than the royalists, not to mention takaran aid. Besides the royal family is just dumb.

      • 0 0

        However didn’t Ewen d’al Candless the current Duke of Wulfram is supporting the peace faction when the previous died in Blogia?. Sure you will have much more easier in advancement if you support the wulframites but you also support weaking the army as a whole and possibly even dismantling the army as a whole and that will destroy Tierra.

    • Lakshya

      How do you become earl of castarmaine. Can u become earl of any other place?

    • Dorian

      “Since it was the royals who killed wulframs family would that mean renard and his father will join wulfram?”

      That’s a very bold assumption. I’m T. just happened to have 10s of thousands of guns ready of Wulfram right after by chance. Yup, sure it was just a coincidence.

      • El guty

        Spoilers ahead.

        You’re mixing up dates. It took the Duke 2 weeks after the fire to get the weapons, supplied by the takarans. If you go through the wulframite path you’ll get to know that the takarans can supply ten thousand immediately and up to arm the whole revolution in just 6 months. I’m wulframite myself

      • Dorian

        I’m not getting anything mixed up. If your character has high int, he mentally notes that they could not have provided the 10k in 2 weeks unless they had been planning this ahead of time, even the no elf hate character is suspicious, while the elf hate character straight up says they are up to no good. One way or the other, they clearly planned to arm W. faction ahead of the event that lead W. down that path. Could be coincidence, but it’s super unlikely. They have the best intelligence service in the world, to just write them off is pretty short sighted. Not to mention that several of the soldier’s guides implicate them in interfering with Tierran affairs, including the major event at the end of chapter 6 that I won’t spoil.

        For what it’s worth, the author has said that he plans to keep it unclear who actually did it between the two. So all I’m saying is one shouldn’t assume it as fact. If anyone wants to have more spoilery discussions on it, probably should head to the discord and out of here. https://discord.gg/Hxg39AWe

  • ziming zhao

    I can’t wait to give you my money.

  • Hosted Gamers

    Can’t wait for the release man. Keep safe and Godblesss

  • Lucas

    Loved your work.
    Just wondering if you can give us some concrete release date. I am getting really anxious here. If not a fixed date then an estimate pleasee. Thanks
    Keep up the good work

  • Lucas

    Can u please expand the test menu to allow multiple tests at same time?

  • Robbie

    Amazing! cant wait to continue the story, your work is amazing, I appreciate all the hard work your doing and I’m sure lords will be exceptional.

  • Orbital ninja

    Umm could someone tell me are we able to save in the demo because I don’t know how

  • Z

    Spoiler alerts
    Is it better to join wolfram for the upcoming future war as a better economy allow us to better prepare instead of a army which only help to create anger among masses or people.
    Will joining wolfram and successful winning change the country from a constitutional monarchy to a parlimanty system
    And can MC implement changes after becoming the head of military with wolfram government at small scale unlike the royalist

  • Z

    How do you win in civil war wolfram side

    • Jay

      I am not sure of that myself. Granted I only tried a Wolfram play through once so far. SPOILER***

      I was really hoping to take it to Cazarosta in the final battle but selecting that option seems to have caused me to fail. All other play throughs I’ve done were royalist. Really I don’t know that there is a way to win that battle for wolfram, I think he retreats no matter what but the manner and status of that retreat is determined by how successful you are and the options chosen.

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