December Update

I am now working on the second epilogue of Lords of Infinity, which means that hopefully, by the new year, the main plot will be “complete”.

Of course, that won’t mean I’ll be done. It’ll take months to balance, polish, add side content, as well as additional frills such as reference pages, images, and cover art.

In the meantime this month’s A Creator’s Guide to Writing and Worldbuilding, A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea, and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms, are now all up to tide you over a bit.

48 responses to “December Update

  • 《 Fate 》

    Woah, I think I’m not the only one who was expecting last month’s update to be the announcement of the release date and now, with this update, I’m sure it will take much longer than we all thought. My guess would be around may and april.

    Anyway, we still have all the side monthly side content to read and not be sad so be it. Thanks for your amazing work.

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  • shadow Action

    It’s the final book of this series right?
    Btw can we romance royalty?

    • Hwk d'al Eye

      First of all it’s the third book in a series of 5 books.
      And second of all no, you cannot Romance Royalty.

    • Dya

      There are two more books iirc, wars for infinity and masters of infinity

    • Uy-Lee Branks

      I cant wait for this to be finished, I’m sure itll be as great as the last two ,what will the next two books after be about ?

    • 0 0

      The fourth and final book will be spent fighting the takarans so reforms are direly needed

    • Zhann

      Licking their boots is the closest you would ever get to romancing a royal. We have nothing to bring to the table because we are a stinking baron with a crumbling estate. It’s surprising that Kat and Welles even gave us a chance in the first pace.

      • 《 Fate 》

        Not at all, Katarina is a roughless woman who loves results and the army is the best place for roughless results. Welles is a feminist and reformist character who wishes changes in the whole system and you can help her get that. They have desires and you can fulfill them.

        We are a stinking baron with a crumbling state, yes, but maybe only for now? Maybe we can end up licking more the just the royal’s boots.

      • Zhann

        Miguel is… unavailable, I should say. There are already 4 confirmed female ROs and Isobel isn’t one of them.

      • 《 Fate 》

        well, can’t argue with a fact

    • Nyt

      Cata said we will never romance a royal and if you play the demo, it’s pretty obviously never going to happen.

  • 0 0

    Can’t paul just you know find someone that has a chemistry in how he does things.

  • bratko

    so mid 2023 at best

  • Crusader11

    Take your time, man. No rush for anything at all, we’ve suffered this long, we can suffer for longer.

  • Maverick

    Can’t wait for this one. I love the first two

  • Z

    Can MC get some help in finance sector (especially in politics side of the game) it requires a ton of money to keep fighting efficient against the royalist. I know you can get money either by investing in (2000) in new guns or by capturing the daughter of k… But still I am pretty sure banks around the country will not be happy lend MC money either it high interest or limited money. Can MC get help from the duke.

    • Hassan Aftab

      Duke Wulfram will pay your debt for your continued support as so the Queen, Duke Cunaris seems unable to do it as he is already in so much debt because of the dragoons

    • 0 0

      As i know about it Welles will be happy to solve your debt in exchange for you to join their reform club made by radicals. Radicals who are the heroes of Tierra. The point of lords of infinity is to reform the army to be better so Tierra will win against its next enemy which is. (Spoilers Alert!) That’s right the one and only Altrichs vam Takara! They are the only possible enemy right now and Takara had a good reason to declare war to us unlike other countries.

  • Z

    Can MC have the option to look at the planes of new gun if he is the sole investor (2000) .my MC lack charm but have requested intelligence to give idea.

  • Dantee

    I have coped with the fact that I wont be able to train Renard in Aetoria but please let me help Enrique reach sainthood as a royalist 😥

  • Papa Stalin

    So picking the Royalist or Wulframite is like the hero and the disgraced in saber?

    • 0 0

      Unless you purposefully wants an ending where Tierra is being “eaten alive” do NOT pick the wulframites! They want the army to be disbanded which guess what supported by the Takaran the one and only! Altrichs vom Takara is Unified Kingdom of Tierra’s only possible enemy after the Dozen Years War. Unless you want to see the elfs conquering Tierran cities i strongly advised you not to side with the Wulframites.

  • Ryan Cave

    I used to check on this every month but the anticipation was killing me so I stopped checking and eventually forgot..until now.
    Last checked it nearly a year ago and have to say I’m massively excited for Lords and so so happy it’s near completion. Hope you’re keeping well

  • Paul

    Hi Paul, just spent some time replaying the first two over the Christmas break. I dedicated myself this go around to working on my character’s memoirs. I could only chuckle as the grueling descriptions about editing and writer’s block seemed perhaps to a tad meta. I sympathize!

    Catching up on your writing here on the site, I wanted to make one suggestion for side content: if the character publishes his memoirs, it seems like it would be a contemporary book with what Countess Welles is allowed to release. It might be fun to have some kind of salon gathering where the player and the countess review their findings for points of agreement or disagreement.

    I’d also suggest a few extra citations at the start of Lords: one for participating in the war, one for going on Katarina’s mission (if the player does so, and note I haven’t done it yet so there may be one), and perhaps even some sort of Takarian citation that Cassius arranges to have thrown your way if you befriended him and fought with him against Khoroborit. Each could have positives and negatives attached.

    Anyways, as you can tell, the whole experience left me eager for Lord’s! Guess I’ll need to replay Kendrickstone and Hollowford in the meanwhile! 😀

  • Sphere

    Glad to see progress is still being made at a steady pace, and I appreciate these monthly updates. I have been reading every update for more than a year now, and it has been clear to me that a release was still a few months away at least. I hope you take all the time you need to keep to your usual high standards!

  • JKP

    This is turning into a very interesting story….but some honest feedback here about the game play itself.

    Spoiler alert

    I think there’s a pacing problem in the home front. Entire years pass, but everything feels rushed. Five years have gone by the time the Officer hits the climax, but there isn’t time in a whole season to both court his fiancee and do some reading at home? As a Lord, I’m sure he’s busy day to day doing Lord things, but I don’t have a sense that he is or what those might be.

    Especially that season where the narrative tells us nothing happens!

    And what about his sister? He has one shot at getting her hitched, and only if a certain key decision was taken in Guns? Can’t he put out some feelers on her behalf?

  • Orbital ninja

    I don’t know if I am asking too much but could you try and implement the import system as fast as you can? It would really be great to play from the end of guns of infinity and I have heard that you can’t hire another writer but you could get a volunteer from your players since I am pretty sure that alot of people would like to help still its your choice. Thank you for your time

  • Orbital ninja

    Hello paul. I really love your work but their are things I would like to suggest
    1- in the demo the import option is incomplete I understand if you don’t have time but for me ( and alot of people) this would have a huge impact since people don’t want to get spoiled until they play with their own character
    2- I know that you don’t want to hire anyone to work with you but may I suggest someone who is volunteering to help. For example I am sure many of your fans would like to help you. Even if you don’t want two different people you could get the volunteer to help you in some small bits here and their like the references or the honours and ranks
    But anyways thank you for your time

  • Cunaris Alive

    No words to describe it. Paul, you are the best.

    Spoiler Alert

    1. It is very interesting to see the possible future consequences of the choice, such as the investment in the rifle and who knows in that other weapon presented by Garing, the improvements in the equipment and training of the domestic guards, if it has been implemented and finally in the army commission reports .

    2. The question of investment in new technologies by the MC or the queen, as in the steam chariot that appears or in the rune weapons mentioned by the friend above I find it very interesting. Maybe bringing Cazarosta to active again is also cool, even more so with his importance at the end of the LOF.

    3. There is an option for Loch to manage his barony. Is it possible for him to return in another case? The possibility of some romance with Isobel would also be nice, even more so with this latest MC military promotion and future title promises.

    4. The return of Cunaris and Renard is also imminent, but I think about this relationship now with the change in command of the MC.

    5. I really appreciate that you haven’t forgotten about Lord Hunter, but a little sad that Wulfram ended up taking advantage of the situation. haha ha

    6. I imagine that the relationship with Van Holt is crucial in the next part, whether to negotiate a truce, receive information or even make it difficult for the MC to make a decision.

    Anyway, I really appreciate your effort and dedication over the years and I look forward to the next chapters.

  • Alex

    Literally best interactive novel of COG I’ve ever played. Can’t wait for the ending!!!

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