An Interview

Last month, I did an interview with Aaron Spelker of Mobile Accessible Games in advance of the upcoming release of Lords of Infinity. We talked about how I got into writing Interactive Fiction, some of the “big picture” themes I outline in the Dragoon Saga, and about parts of my creative process, as well as how easy it is for accessibility concerns (like playability for the visually-impaired) to slip under the radar of abled or mostly-abled game developers (read: me).

The interview’s up on Youtube, where you can listen to it in its entirety (so long as you don’t mind my terrible webcam picture quality and cheap microphone).

You can find Aaron on Twitter, and his Mobile Accessible Games group in Facebook. He also has a whole load of interviews with other game developers on his Youtube Channel.

2 responses to “An Interview

  • Z

    In the interview you talk about mecha ace so is it possible to create a sequel of what happened to the world like first contact with alien will kind of lead to war as both side try to secure key planets or solar system to safe guard them self from the other ( dark forest theory)

  • Jonathan

    currently in lords of infinity if you start with 16000 or more you can’t pay off your debt? Any reason behind that? Also if you start with replying the choices of the previous game and helped kat you don’t get the 10k ? Is this a bug?

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