June Update

First of all, apologies for the late update. My HDD failed on me the other week, which means this entire month has been sort of behind schedule.

That being said, that hasn’t stopped me from more or less finishing principal writing work on Lords of Infinity. From here, I plan on spending some time on polish and balance, before submitting for copy-editing and getting to work on the cover art.

And of course, June’s installments of A Creator’s Guide to Writing and Worldbuilding, A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea, and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms, are all up. Some of you may notice that the art is slightly different. That’s because all of my old templates were on the failed drive, so I had to recreate them from scratch. Personally I think they look better now.

9 responses to “June Update

  • Z

    Spoiler ****
    Is there going to be major development depending on which faction win in the civil war
    Good luck and thank for all the hard work

  • wei wei

    and today i just finish replaying guns of infinity, i have to said the beach epilog was perfect, i can’t help with being overwhelming with this feeling of melancholy as the boat left the shorts of the fallen fortress, and the irony of getting a secret service medal that you can’t display anywhere it is just perfect, i can’t wail to see lord.

  • GG

    I haven’t explored all pathways yet (or even finished a game) on dashingdon but have you had the idea of having our fief manufactory manufacturing the Garret Rifles we invested in?

    That would be a really cool intertwining of previous choices.

    • wei wei

      if it is not in the game already then it maybe a little too late, once you are in the testing stage you usually don’t add to the game, because it will be a never ending cicle of add something, retest, then add something againt, and each time you add you increase your total testing time.

  • Impatient Reader

    I discovered this series when I was in high school. That was like 5 years ago… I finished an enlistment contract in the army and got an associate’s degree since then. And you still haven’t finished the third game. I hope you finish it soon my guy, I’m looking forward to it (along with the rest of your community).

  • bratko

    just read demo and it actually had a epilogue lol?so basically whole game is already out, published version will have something in between or what lol

  • Cody

    Really love the story and game. Looking forward to playing it.

  • crinklecutter

    It’s ripsnootling stuff! Especially lines like: “It is at if someone had fired a pistol in a ballroom.”

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