Lords of Infinity


Genre: Military Fiction/Gaslamp Fantasy

Release Date: March 2nd 2023

Platform: iOS/Android/PC

Publisher: Choice of Games/Hosted Games

It is the 613th year of the Old Imperial Era.

After twelve long years of war, the Unified Kingdom of Tierra stands at last triumphant over the League of Antar. But victory comes with a price: battle-scarred and war-weary, the officers and men of the Royal Tierran Army return home to indifference, alienation, and a kingdom on the verge of bankruptcy.

Victory has strained Tierra to the breaking point. The poor starve under the crown’s heavy war taxes. The powerful grumble and conspire as a triumphant king seeks to impose his will on a restive aristocracy. Distant powers bide their time, preparing to pick up the pieces after the Unified Kingdom’s seemingly inevitable collapse.

You are a veteran officer of the Royal Tierran Army, recently returned from the battlefield to find yourself heir to a noble title, a crumbling estate, and a seat in the Tierran Cortes. Restore your lands to their former glory and gain the love of your people, or squeeze your tenants to fund your great ambitions. Enter politics in pursuit of power, wealth, or to pull the realm back from the brink of ruin. Seek a marriage for love – or for money – or court destruction in the name of a doomed romance. As old certainties are tested and broken in the halls of power, the bold, the idealistic, and the desperate grapple for the soul of a doomed kingdom.

Will you find yourself crushed under their heels? Or will you take your place among them as one of the Lords of Infinity?

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