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July Content Update

Another month, another entry in the Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea.

This month’s installment is the first part of an overview of the Unified Kingdom’s early history. It includes a few names which you may find familiar, interesting, or both.

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June Content Update

This month’s installment of A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea is now up for all to see.

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In other news, I’ve got that big announcement I’ve been talking about coming up this month. Look forward to it: I know I am.

May Content Update

Quick update this time, just a reminder that this month’s A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea is up.

Also, there will be a big announcement this month, probably sometime in the next two weeks. Then you’ll all get to see what I’ve been working with on the side.

UPDATE, 5/17: Due to various reasons (all of them awesome), it looks like we’re delaying the announcement until next month. Stay turned. This is big, I swear.

April Content Update

It’s the second week of April, which means it’s time for another installment of A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea.

This entry is a little different from the past few. Instead of being written for public consumption, this month’s article is a briefing delivered to the Takaran Intelligence Committee, the small group of elected officials and high-ranking bureaucrats who sit at the highest levels of Imperial Intelligence, the Takaran Empire’s feared and pervasive clandestine service. It is an opinionated, unsparing, and uncompromising piece of work, as is its author, and one look should be enough to tell you why it was never meant for public viewing.

In other news, I’m sure some of you must be tired of getting nothing but new worldbuilding articles each month. To you I say: fear not. I got a big announcement coming up in the next couple weeks, and I am very much looking forward to revealing what it is.

December Content Update

With this month’s installment of The Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea comes the last part of The Welles Report. In this section, the Countess delivers her conclusions, ones which those who have played Guns of Infinity may find somewhat familiar.

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November Content Update

It’s that time of month again: time for a new installment of The Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea

We’re making a slight digression in this part of The Welles Report with a series of maps showing the progress of the Battle of Blogia. Now you can see where every battalion of infantry, every squadron of cavalry, and every battery of artillery was at the crucial points of the battle.

This is the first time I’ve added genuine real-live pictures to any of my patron-backed content. This was made possible thanks to the 48 generous patrons who’ve helped me meet my first-stage goal of $150 a month. The next goal, at $300 a month, will bring with it a second monthly column, this time devoted to the politics and society of The Fledgling Realms, the setting of The Hero of Kendrickstone and its upcoming sequel, The Cryptkeepers of Hallowford.

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October Content Update

Another month means a new chapter of The Welles Report in A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea. This section covers the end of the Battle of Blogia and its immediate aftermath. I can assure you that those of you who’ve played Sabres of Infinity will have a lot to like in this bit.

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