Guns of Infinity


Genre: Military Fiction/Gaslamp Fantasy

Release Date: March 25th, 2016

Version: 1.0.4

Platform: iOS/Android/PC

Publisher: Choice of Games/Hosted Games

It is the 607th year of the Old Imperial Era.

It has been over six years since the League of Antar declared war upon the Unified Kingdom of Tierra. Since then, the two realms have been locked in a desperate struggle. The Antari fight to retain their grip over the Northern Kingdoms of the Infinite Sea, the Tierrans fight for their very survival, lest their kingdom be broken and made into an Antari vassal.

Tierra is losing: her army is beaten, her greatest general is dead, her coffers are empty, and only the desperate leadership of an untested king keeps the Unified Kingdom from the brink of defeat. To the battered regiments of the Royal Tierran Army, destruction seems only a matter of time. The Antari have the greater numbers, the greater wealth, and one of the greatest tacticians in the Infinite Sea.

You are a soldier of the Royal Tierran Army, a gentleman-officer in the Royal Dragoon Regiment:a hero of past campaigns desperately needed in a desperate time, or a disgrace returned to service by the machinations of shadowy powers. Take command of a squadron of cavalrymen. Choose which subordinates to favour, and which to shun. Seek the love of your men, or solely their obedience. Be your family’s saving grace, or their bitterest disappointment. Befriend, betray, or even romance nobles, rogues, and spies. As the Royal Tierran Army launches one final, bold, desperate attempt to seize victory, you must overcome the dangers of a determined enemy, a hostile land, and the backhanded dealings of your own supposed allies.

Will you survive the Guns of Infinity?

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