November Update

I am happy to say that as of the first week of this month, the last full chapter of Lords of Infinity is finally complete. I am now working on the two epilogues which will wrap up the main plot. I suspect that will keep me busy for the next month or two.

As usual, this month’s A Creator’s Guide to Writing and Worldbuilding, A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea, and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms, are now all up.

28 responses to “November Update

  • wei wei

    a little sad it wouldn’t come out this year, but at least it is close

  • Evil Power Master

    The more I read the Soldier’s Guide and additional content you put out, the more I realize King Miguel might actually just be inept and this “King’s Plan” plotline is a nothingburger. Most empires on the brink of financial collapse due to war expenses and debt etc. typically either collapse internally or get subjugated/conquered. I hope the story isn’t disappointing.

    • Cons

      Have you played the demo in dashingdon? Go check it out and spoil the first few chapters for yourself if you wanna have a little peak at the story.

    • handloff

      Whether or not you think maintaining the war taxes to rebuild and modernize the Tierran military is a primary plot point. Ymmv but Wulfram’s plan seems pretty bad especially given the damage sustained in the Antari campaign and how to close Tierra came to losing

      • Evil Power Master

        In Guns of Infinity, you are given the opportunity to have an audience with King Miguel. He hints at big plans for Tierra. The most recent Soldier’s Guide shows he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing. His minister is telling him that the kingdom is going broke and Miguel had no solutions going forward. I thought he had some economic/revolutionary ideas to go along with modernizing the military but Paul has written him to be an idiot. Also he is writing the story in such a way that Tierra is put in a corner between two God tier countries who want absolute hegemony etc. It doesn’t look good…

    • Jankovich

      if you already played goi and read the soldiers guide its abundantly clear that hes mantaining the military since he wants to maintain the power of the royal family and consolidate power to centralize the government and institutions of tierra thus elevating them to a power of hegemony since a centralized government will be quick decisive and more powerful than the current decentralized state of tierran rule. Since most of the army and navy reports directly to the king, the military is his most important tool to fulfill his plan to consolidate power. takara will obviously support wulfram since theyre afraid of tierra becoming a powerful country limiting them of their hegemony on the far east. Kian sees tierra as potential ally against the antari and most especially against takara. If holt (assuming youre friends) takes over takara in loi or woi, you might be able to betray kian and switch sides. or play kian and takara both and elevate tierra as the greatest power of the infinite seas.

      Ps: can anyone give me a discord link to the infinitiverse server please =_=

    • U_U

      I think Miguel had a plan but it all kind of hinged on him winning in Antar and then extracting material concessions which would hopefully reverse the economic damage the war caused.

      Although he won the war, he didn’t actually get anything out of it, which meant Tierra came out of the war at a net loss. This either ruined or set back his original plan, so now he’s struggling to pick up the pieces.

  • Persian

    My the feeling, the anticipation is very… thrilling dare say. I wonder if this is what they all felt while marching to Blogia?
    By the way, about our dear fellow Cazarosta; does he fit into the sigma male category? If so someone should get a meme for him, such an iconic character you know.

  • wei wei

    wait what happen to choice of games isn’t the game usually hosted on choice of games? is master of infinity going to just be on dashingdon now?

    • Dyanderna

      Where are you getting this from? The game is on Dashingdon while on demo and then once it’s fully finished and gone through beta testing and the like. It will be released on HG. Masters is nowhere near being written yet but it will also most likely be released on HG

  • Leonas

    I’m very excited for the game

  • Robbieroo

    Awesome! Great excuse to go though the first two again must be my 10th play through end to end!

    Your work is incredible

  • Sicheng Wang


  • Alfonzo Cazarosta

    Super excited for the final product! Keep up the good work! Make sure to get some rest from time to time!

  • Skyre

    Finally tracked your novels down after a few years, purely because no others ever scratched the itch. Rebuying em for Android. The fact you’re finishing book 3 for the Infinity series is epic.

    Keep up the amazing work!

  • Z

    Can we have cheat codes.

  • wei wei

    yeah that is one ending that require perfect alanta laugnage had to do change the stats to see that one. i don’t like that ending though so i am not keeping that safe

  • 0 0

    Can anyone tell me what the actual fuck is the meaning behind how to create a “proper” or “perfect” houseguard regiment? I want to create the best one possible but also i don’t want them to upheld the so called honor and instead do anything for victory. Anything! I hope its possible can anyone please tell me? Thanks! Tierra and Victory!

    • wei wei

      errr you know no one has the game yet right, maybe like in the past games your reg will have 3 stats what are they againt dispclient, morale, and loyalty right. Chance are you don;t have the resrouces to max all of them so you have to choose

    • Cons

      We won’t be able to form a permanent houseguard in the game. I mean, the PC *is* from a poor rural baronial family after all. Very few baronies even have houseguards.

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