April Update

I am now about 30 000 words into the first version of Chapter 11 of Lords of Infinity. We’re well into the endgame now, with the climax of the story in full swing. The dust isn’t going to settle until it’s over, and I am very much looking forward to sharing with you the culmination of all these words and all of this work.

In other news, A Creator’s Guide to Writing and Worldbuilding is back, with a new article on writing series and serial fiction. This month’s installments of A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea, and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms are also both up.

31 responses to “April Update

  • Persian

    Very excited for these series as well. I have a question which has been bugging me for a while; are there any mention or possibility for the existence of the knights of the white? It may sound silly but it has been on my mind for a while now.

    • Riddhijit

      And what do the whites do?
      Blue- heal
      Green- discover/explore knowledge.

      • Persian

        Well it does sound silly but what if there were an order of knights who delved into all of these. Again I know silly but I’m just curious you know.

  • Persian

    By the way is anyone excited to turn Major hunter into a saint? I sure am; he was like a big brother to be honest and was always hype!!

    • Jan

      Yeah. He also promoted you and spoke well of you in the first game. And being affiliated with hunter will let you enter high level politics.

  • Akmal Maula

    Hey Cata for the next book in the series do you have any plan to set up a team? might be a good exercise for you to create greater things that we will most definitely buy :)) Imagine playing an RPG 4k graphics made by you, I’d pay handsomely for that :)))

  • Gabriel

    Oh man i can’t wait for this game to finish!!! Hands down best choice of games game series ever!

  • Hassan Aftab

    Thanks for the update, I have been checking every day to see if there will be any news this month, I have recently lost my father and replaying the guns of infinity and seeing how close it hit me was very strange, btw thanks for your work.

  • Dara

    I think it’s not going to be changed since you are in chapter 11, but I faced something disappointing while testing on the chois… wbsite :
    SPOILER(!) Alert
    No matter you are a captain or major or lieutenant colonel the size of your command is the same!
    I mean while you are major or lieutenant colonel it makes sense because you are senior but why a captain should be in charge of 3 squadrons while first squadron is commanded by a major?
    (at least while the major is present in city)
    It makes promotion meaningless and without payoff. (aside from biannual salary)

    • TheBigman

      You are big stupid, of course the MC will lead, he’s the most senior aside from Cazarosta who is a bastard.

    • Dorian

      Him being on chapter 11 doesn’t mean there won’t be revisions. Everything is mostly first draft. Still needs to go back and add other subplots, edit, bug fix, etc.

      You bring up a good point, there probably should be some way to reconcile that. Kinda weird for a captain to be in charge when he’s outranked.

    • azclash1234bdowns12

      The differences from captain to major I believe is major mainly handles the paperwork side of supplys and patrols for the squadrons, while the L.C would lead all squadrons into battle (like chp 11) . While Cazarosta is suppose to be a major he wasn’t promoted since banebloods didn’t like the idea of a deathborn being the highest ranking able bodied officer in a regiment so he’s still a captain like you, making you the highest ranking baneblood

      • Dara

        I didn’t mean Cazarosta, Lord Renard is a major now.
        I didn’t name him because I was trying to make my comment as spoiler free as possible.

      • bdowns12

        Ah well still your the most experienced officer (spent about 12 years at war compared to Renards who only joins the war effort in antar about halfway and since he’s like 17 ish might still be unsure of his own command and would defer to your judgment anyways(or if mentored thinks you can do no wrong)) so either way you’d still be defacto leader atm probably until Renard assume the Colonelcy

    • bdowns12

      The differences between captain and major i think is mainly that the major would normally handle paperwork of supplys and patrols of the squadrons and L.C would lead all squadrons into battle n whatnot. (like ch 11) While Cazarosta is suppose to be a Major he wasn’t actually promoted since banebloods didn’t want a deathborn to be the most senior able bodied officer in the regiment, so he is still a captain like you ( the paperwork for being promoted was basically “lost” until a baneblood becomes major first then he’ll get promoted )

  • Jay

    Huge fan of this series! Now that this is getting closer to being completed I’ve been playing the demo and I’m getting excited for when I get to play it in full. I wanted to ask, is anyone else a little put off by the estate management? Don’t get me wrong, It’s very detailed and I’m impressed. Based on how guns ended I knew dealing with the family debt and the estate were possibly going to be a major factor in this game. I anticipated it being difficult but it almost seems impossible to get your estate to a decent point, and by the time it happens the game is nearing its end. Out of all the routes I’ve done of the demo so far I’ve only managed to get a positive return from the estate once and it was for less than 100 crown per term. Granted I know this is still the demo and not the full version so I am aware there may be options we don’t currently know about, but I was hoping for some options for us to right the ship, especially if you decided not to get in bed with royal intelligence. Something to use the connections you made during the war for instance or the investment into firearms firm during guns.

    • Persian

      Well sir, if you are lucky and on the winning side; the possibility is there that you might receive some kind of reward. Perhaps the assets and the wealth of rival factions will be confiscated and distributed amongst those who are worthy. ( Really it was common in civil wars for things like these to happen.)

    • Dorian

      I mean there is some of that in the demo. You can use the test options to add the gun investment, memoirs, or relationships to your character. I think memoirs can pay off early from what I saw in the code, but as of the demo now, neither gun investment nor Kat romance has payed off.

      I think if you join the ship owners club, you get some more opportunities to make money. I think there are some other opportunities to sell your votes and stuff too.

      That being said, ya it’s really hard in this game to right the ship, especially from the capitol. The investments in your estate pay off really slowly and take a ton of investment which just ends up piling on costs. With all the big payouts seemingly coming in chap 12, it does feel like estate management is just keeping my head above water while praying something changes.

      • Jay

        Hey Dorian, thanks! I had no idea about the test options or memoirs, so I will have to try that out. I haven’t tried the Navy based club yet either. I’ve been too drawn in by the Overseas club lol. Oh for sure, it’s gonna be so hard to chose which route to have the PC go when the time comes. I’m very excited for this next installment and to see how it all comes together!

  • Sasha Kishko

    A fairly major spoiler:

    I do hope the PC will get a chance to bring up Takaran involvement in the Wulfram house incident. I don’t expect being able to convince Wulfram, but not even being able to make the obvious connection makes the hero look pretty stupid.

    (Then again, not having anyone else make said connection is also pretty odd. Look at real civil wars – half the people involved are routinely accused of being foreign agents, while half actually ARE foreign agents)

    • Abraão Geraldo

      I also made this connection but I didn’t want to comment, but it would be really stupid to think that royal intelligence would burn Wulfram’s house without being sure that he would burn together, the very idea of ​​a direct attack on the Duke is stupid, because your allies naturally would react accordingly and the war would explode (as I think it will actually happen). Anyway, the same agency that engineered the attack on Januszkovil’s castle would never be so careless.

    • Abraão Geraldo

      I also made this connection but didn’t want to comment, but it would really be illogical to think that Royal Intelligence would burn Wulfram’s house, without being sure that he would burn together the very idea of ​​a direct attack on the Duke is illogical, since his allies they would react accordingly and a war would start (as in fact I think it did). Anyway, I don’t believe that the same agency that engineered the attack on Januszkovil’s castle would be so careless on such an important issue.

  • Hosted Gamers

    Just to let you know that I support you sir. I love your games da’l

  • Dorian

    Is there a forum up for bug reports / feedback on the demo?

  • Tobig

    I actually now have money so I can actually buy the thing and support you and I’m very excited for it to launch

  • americanjap

    Mr. Wang,

    I just wanted to thank you for your inspiring books. I have attempted your demo game more times than I can remember and I’m an excited to see how all three games connect through to the end. I have recently finished the first draft of my fiction novel. I was able to complete this book in no small part because of your writing. Thank you for what you do and thank you for these updates. Please do not stop what you do, you are a pioneer of this genre.

    I do have one question – how the heck is the MC supposed to get the big project done without going bankrupt? I’ll figure it out eventually, but so far no luck, especially when I invent my own character.

    USAF Veteran and budding author

  • Garret25

    Woohoo! Sir, as much as I am very pleased with the impending sequel, I have to say that Guns of Infinity, was IMO the Best First Playthrough I ever had in all the lineup of Hosted Games. My heart was pounding in tactical excitement and bloody carnage.

    I have a feeling that Lords of Infinity will not be any less satisfactory. Perhaps, I am too excited for the ROs.

  • Kavan

    How about a May update? My goodness paul i cannot wait until you finish the game, im so excited to play it but take your time.

  • Sebastian97

    Such a big fan of this series. Continuous replay ability plus just enough fantasy and realistic history to make you feel your actually a part of this world. I feel terrible for elson. He was a good kid. But madness and hubris were his downfall.

  • Qaz

    Wow, I just finished my play-through ending at chapter 10, and all I have to say is wow, and cannot wait for the the full release of Lords of Infinity! I was sitting in my bed yesterday when it struck me that just last year at this time I finished GoI and realized that at the very end a third chapter to this saga was announced, after toiling for an hour I was finally able to remember the name of the saga and scrambled to see if Lords was released, nonetheless I find myself here writing a review, which I seldom find myself doing to let you know how good I think this series has all come together, Godspeed Paul I am sure you have many out there in the same position as me eager for Lords to be complete, but no rush the beauty in this series is the immersion and depth that you have provided, thank you!

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