May Update

I just passed the 35 000 word mark for the second part of Chapter 11 of Lords of Infinity today. This half will be a bit longer than the other, mostly because instead of containing one path, it actually kind of contains two. Obviously I won’t be spoiling what that means quite yet, but needless to say, I’m trying to do all that I can to ensure that every sort of player is able to get a satisfying path through the endgame.

As usual, this month’s A Creator’s Guide to Writing and Worldbuilding is up, this time with the first installment of what might be a very long multi-part series on worldbuilding a fictional society. This month’s installments of A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea, and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms are up as well

25 responses to “May Update

  • wei wei

    just curious was the path split a result of you either staying in the capital or your barony, or something else entirely

  • Tshiamo Mongoegi

    How many chapters do you plan on making and how long do you think it’ll take? I really can’t wait for what promises to be an exciting and fulfilling piece of work after its 2 prequels. I know it takes a while to write any sort of book but do you mind having a progress bar or letting us know the ETA?

    • Riddhijit

      June 1st week chapter 11 a and b
      It will take about 2 months for chapter 12. So we have 12 a and 12b releasing by Early August. Then the epilogue which will be MASSIVE. will probably consume September. By October the first draft is over. Then it will take about 3 months for the art, editing, additional content, polishing, making the import mechanism and tying up threads as well as getting the book published by HG. So we can assume Christmas or early Jan 2022 for the release of the full game. 😃

  • Narharcan

    Given that chapter 11b is for the Wulframites my guess is that it’ll be the difference between true Wulframites and Saboteur MCs.

  • Viktor Munch Akse

    When will the may update be included in the online version? Is the part where the queen orders the arrest of wulframites in the cortes session still the furthest we can currently play?

    HUUUGE fan btw, this story you’ve created is amazing and I can’t wait to read/play further!!!

  • Neil 9

    Dang cant wait bruh 😁😁😁

  • Neil

    Cant wait 😁


    its almost here cant wait!

  • Qaz

    Hey guys&girls, anyone who stumbles upon this I am dying for more of this universe or something similar to this at all, if you guys know any books that resemble some similarity to this universe please let me know because I’d love to get my hands on it, can’t wait for the full release and as such need my fix of this fiction powder and shot mixed with a fantasy universe!

  • Captain

    I’ve played and replayed SOF and GOF several times, such is the passion I have for this saga. Excellent author and magnificent game. Looking forward to the end. And please, don’t forget Lord Hunter and his well-deserved tribute.

  • Persian

    Bother, how can anyone forget big bro hunter? Can’t wait to turn him into a saint. Anyone that is going to stand in the way of his sainthood will be beaten up and burned. that’s my opinion 😀

    • Riddhijit

      That’s not a very saintly opinion of yours

      • Persian

        Yes sorry for that, couple of years in Aetoria and there are people who p*** me off, pardon my Kian. That house has some enemies whom would pretty much do anything for the sake of their ego or profit. No one can deny him that right and he pretty much earned it. Attacking his name will be a cheap and dirty act. I do know it is still not a good reason to beaten them up and burn them, but imagine it as an analogy 😉

  • Hosted Gamers

    Big Fan Of your work sir!

  • harrythundowwrites

    Fingers crossed and praying for a late July finish to this incredibly brilliant story, birthday in July, I’d happily pay £10 for this game. Most choice of games and hosted games range from £2.99 – £4.99 for me but yours, good sir, are a class of their own, the Infinity Series in particular. I can see a TV series and a movie being made of the series, imagine a TV series following different characters’ perspectives. The King, the differing Dukes, the high ranking officers, the lowly cornets, and that’s just for the Unified Kingdom! Could be a whole series for Antar and the League of Congress, Kian, Takara, and Tierra. Endless possibilities, Mr Wang. If I won the lottery I would certainly want to fund this!

  • Lathrael

    Great writing on both games, great characters, and really meaningful choices that doesn’t treat you as a second coming. I have played them multiple of times. I am really excited how everything will come to a conclusion. While writing is rarely a success while it’s rushed, me and many people are waiting for it for years, just for you to know.

    If it has a pre order (checking it know) I will get in a heartbeat.

  • Leonas

    Just a quick off topic question. Will the sergeant that you picked in sabres of infinity and Campos make an appearance in lords of infinity? I’ve played the series a few times and I wonder whether the sergeant that you picked in sabres of infinity needs to die for Campos to make an appearance or can the sergeant that you picked live and both of them will make an appearance. Well there is also the slightly saddening option that they will not appear. Please silence my curiosity 😃

  • Captain

    I know I may have missed something, but was there any reason the MC wasn’t a banecaster? I remember reading something in the introduction to SOI, but I’m still curious.

    Another question is despite Tierra’s financial future in Lords. Would it be possible to sell debt to other nations instead of borrowing money from them?

    Finally, would it be nice for the MC to intervene with some idea/investment to ease these debts? A compromise between Garing’s project and the army commission he participates. I thought about it when I saw that engine-powered carriage that explodes and inventions like that.

    Certainly the MC would have influence in other sectors, maybe even the support of the Shipowners Club…

  • Kellunoa

    How about June update?

  • Amogus

    He usually posts updates around the 14th to 16th of every month. Currently it’s the 17th and this month’s update hasn’t come out yet. Wonder what’s happening behind the curtains.

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