Lords of Infinity is out today!

Finally, after more than four years of work, and 1.6 million written words, Lords of Infinity comes out today on all platforms.

Needless to say, this has been a massive undertaking, one which has stretched my skills as a writer and a game designer (and my patience as a person) to the absolute limits at times. However, I am more than merely proud of what I’ve put together, and I hope that the time and effort I’ve put into crafting this story will pay off as it passes from my hands to yours.

You can buy Lords of Infinity on Steam, through the Choice of Games website, Google Play, or via the Hosted Games app on iOS Store or Amazon.

30 responses to “Lords of Infinity is out today!

  • Dandemonium

    YAY! Been looking forward to this for so long 🙂
    Time to play through Sabres and Guns (again) to make sure I’ve got the right build first. (Still haven’t really decided what that build is, but that’s why I play over and over)

  • napoleonfromhalfcourt

    Been a fan for many years now, and am overjoyed to have LOI out today. Well done and congratulations!

  • kingsdragoon72

    We’ve all Been waiting for 4 years and what a agonising 4 but you can’t rush art and our MC didn’t write his memoir in 1 year it took more

  • Michael

    Thank you so much for your hard work!

  • Michael

    Amazing game, totally worth it! Good luck in all your future endeavours!

    • Thomasjchenard

      Colour me surprised when I decided to randomly check in on the progress of your writing yesterday and saw the new release! My play through was excellent and nervewracking, to say the least.

  • Chris

    Not sure what is going on with the Google Play Store but when I search for the game it does not come up. I even search for hosted games and look in their Library I find it. The only way I found your game on Google Play was by clicking your direct link from this website. You might want to take a look at that.

  • Z

    I noticed there is no save option for the next game so are we left at a cliff hanger for the whole series

    • Nightfall

      That will happen once Paul has established the groundwork for Wars and begun writing in earnest. But before that, let’s make sure that Paul gets some well-deserved rest. He’s certainly earned it.

    • Arcanestomper

      Apparently the Choice of Games changed the way they handle saves for sequels. In that they don’t provide an option to make one until the sequel is only a few months away.

  • riccardogarella

    Fantastic Work, thank you so much for such a story!
    Only a couple of comments:
    – First and foremost…if one choose to go to Aetoria, the management system of the village is soo annoying!! they cannot do one thing right!
    – Second of all…I’m already all hyped up for Wars! this is not cool at all!! 😀 😀

  • Veri

    Hey i want to help for next book can i help for free

  • Cpj

    Why isn’t it available in my country?

  • Sir Arthur

    Just wanted to say that is another fantastic installment in the series. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your work am full of praise for your writing and world building abilities. I shall wait patiently and excitedly for the next installment.

  • GIStro

    Dear Paul,
    I finished Sabres and am currently on Guns, feeling invested in the character. I am a big fan of C.S. and G.R.R. and you are doing a great job of storytelling and world-building. I’ve already recommended your series to my two brothers. Thanks!

  • Z

    Please tell me we are not fighting the “enemy ” in book 5 after almost 12-13 war and political battle to a civil war please tell me not a another war I mean we are pretty much stretch to the limit and not to mention you serious can’t think of marriage or you house blood line in this condition. Is MC house also set to pretty much end because no way in hell I am thinking of love when there a war to win politics or other wise can we just have a domestic stability in 5 book after all the years of carnage

  • badger2222Jon

    Oh my god… i just finished the story and holy hell this is some fantastic fantastic stuff. i really enjoyed this one but please for the love of all good do not make me wait 7 more years for the next. I know it takes time but don’t leave me in such anticipation

  • Chris

    I just finished my first playthrough of Lords, and I do have to say it was worth the wait. I will enjoy playing this game many more times over the next few years as we await the next game in the series. Before anyone reads on further in this comment know that there are major spoilers ahead so stop reading if you want to avoid those.

    *Major Spoilers Ahead*

    Onto the spoilers I mentioned earlier. The only thing I thought lacking at the end of this game at least on the route I took through the game (Queens Side in civil war…while pretending to be working with Wulfram) I feel it was missing critical pieces of the ending for the MC. In the first two games while we received rewards for our acts on and off the battlefield both through war medals and money (ransoms). I feel like that has been excluded in this release, and leaves me to question the ending as a thorough wrap up of the current situation. Unless it is going to be addressed right away in the next game…..

    I understand the Queen raised the MC’s Dragoon regiment to higher honors, and made the MC a de-facto Brigade General (Lt. Colonel) in her army but that is about where it all ended. I did not see any mention in the conversation or in the stats afterwards about either actions the MC performed at the end of the third game on the battlefield or off it. I would think the Queen basically owing you personally for her very survival as a monarch could have at least thrown a medal or two at you as well as some much needed cash. The literal main reason she is still a Queen and probably alive to boot is due to the direct actions of my MC saving her at the Nothern Keep. During this playthrough I used an MC that did not take part in the secret mission at the end of Guns of Infinity so I was struggling with money pretty much the entire time throughout this game. My MC come home from the war in Antar with about 2000 Crowns to his name. I was constantly having to take out loans raising my debt just to stay relevant living in the capital and trying to send a little bit of money home every now and then.

    The game talks about how every generation of your Barony has added slightly to the debt accrued over generations but it was still manageable just barely. When I starts Lords my debt was around 16K crowns. By the end of this game my debt was over 33K Crowns and rising. I even picked the cheapest options I could when living in the capital, and tried to be stingy with my money to no avail. My MC basically almost doubled the debt of his estate in just 4-5 short years. It was getting to the point where I was going to be bankrupt within the next iteration of finances if the game would have went through them again near the end. My interest rate was around 17 percent on the loans and rising. I had even used my military connections twice and once through the club to get loans just to stay afloat. The income to debt ratio in this game seems to be very lopsided compared to the two previous games unless you choose to just stay on your estate and never go to the capital thus missing half of the game in that style of playthrough.

    By the end of the game I was losing over 1K crowns every 6 months even with maxed out tenants on my land, and almost all the upgrades I could make being implemented in my Barony without the major project. My land advisor (Karol of Lock) was having to turn potential tenets away due to the lack of housing for them. Granted I never started a major project on the MC’s land but I never had even close to the amount of money needed to do that successfully. I was having to take out bank loans every time it was offered just to stay in the positive. I understand the Queen probably does not have a fortune to spend at the end of the game on rewards for everyone out of her personal coffers since her house was funding almost the entire government apparatus with her personal funds the last two years of the game. With state funds being held up due to no realm budget being passed by the Cortes it probably almost bankrupted house her as well, however, my MC helped her side in the fighting and came out on top with minimal damage. She could surely throw my MC a bone with some type of financial award just to make his ends meet and not be in crippling debt going into the next game. I would think with all of her connections she would have some idea of the MC’s financial situation towards the end of the game.

    At least an offer just to pay off whatever debt the MC currently had would have gone a long way to making the ending even better or how about even have her talk to the surviving loyal lending houses the MC’s debt belongs to having them absolve it in the name of his actions. I know the Queen means to acquire funds through taking of enemy land but at the same time she should have at least had big cash reserves at the end of the game due to the government collecting taxes the last two years, and not being able to actually use that money since no budget had been passed in the Cortes and more than likely that money was probably all stored in the capital somewhere. I would think she would legally be allowed to use that money for military rewards to loyal soldiers such as my MC who saved the realm from rebellion (at least temporarily).

    Also receiving any type of military medal for my service to her would have been nice to have as well. I know it was mentioned at the end of Guns that only a few hundred soldiers had ever received the Gryphon of Rendower for their actions on the field of battle, and less than five dozen have received in twice in their lives. It would have been nice to have been the first person to ever maybe receive it three times getting two bars displayed on your award. Or maybe even have the Queen make a new and even more prestigious award for your actions on her behalf?

    All-in-all an excellent story, and I really enjoyed it from beginning to end. I can see myself playing this game dozens of different times just to try and figure out all of the different endings. However, the ending I received from my first playthrough definitely left me wanting just a little more for the actions of my MC who pretty much changed the results of that critical day that could have ended the current Monarchy all together with one fateful decision. My MC changed the direction the entire country was headed when he made his choice to help the Queen over Wulfram and so far she basically just back promoted him to the next highest rank (Lt. Colonel), and gave him a pat on the back aka attaboy lol.

    • Arcanestomper

      I’m not sure what the prerequisite are exactly, something about how loyal you are I think, but the Queen made me an Earl at the end of my playthrough. Admittedly it was basically given on the same premise as her own funds. I’m going to have to go conquer that earldom from Wulfram if I want it.

      The pattern of rewards in previous games is that if you do well you get the promotion early, but you’ll end up with it eventually regardless. So I would expect this means that even if you don’t manage to get an earldom in this game you’ll definitely get it in the next one. And Earls are way richer than barons. So probably just about any debt you can rack up now will get wiped out then.

    • Fan1

      You need to explore better the different ways of raising revenue and lowering interest rates to combat that problem. At the end of my playtthrough I had about 24k debt (started at 17k) living in the capital, with all buildings on estate possible built, and with -120 per 6 months and about 8k in investments which (generally) increased by about 800 every 6 months.

      AFAIK Wulfram offers debt forgiveness. Plus if you play your cards right, the queen gives you way more than just generalship at the end of the playthrough. Spoiler: you become Earl of Castermaine with all its lands and revenues

      Explore the different avenues of play and see what you can end up with. Don’t base the negatives based on just one playthrough.

    • stevenkur

      If you are in a relationship with Katarina, the queen helps you to get married with Katarina since she holds all the power in the cortes. Katarina is a countess that is worth 25,000/year, her land and estate (earldom) will become yours since you are a male. Therefore, your marriage with her will automatically pay your debts 🙂

      But if you are not in a relationship with Katarina, it is better to side with Wulfram and the gang since they occupy a high moral ground (stop the war and repair the economy first), not only that Wulfram promises you to give Katarina’s earldom to you and a good relationship with Warburton will definitely put you into the privy council as his advisor (a powerful position that will make you rich and influential) once Wulfram replace the queen for Warburton.

  • Z

    My interest rate are killing me can you please make it stop in OR it just a unending nightmare like 10 percent to holy moly 18 and then 28 it a friking bank or extrostion gang like all right you pay 10 per which is ridiculous like what the lone for even then increasing interest rate like you get more money on that level of rates if I pay 1000 it OK if it increase to the level of lone taken out if 1000 then 100 200 then 200 etc. Please so someone mercy in this regard like they are killing MC even before he landed foot in his home.

  • Jon

    Hello Paul,
    I don’t know if you read these comments but I just wanted to say I bought the game and read it/ played it and thought it was awesome. There is a good amount of replayability and the story and writing was high quality. I really enjoyed it. However, I’m gonna be real with you if Book 4 is gonna take 4-5 years to complete I’m probably gonna forget about this series. I discovered Sabres of Infinity back in high school, nowadays I’m in college. 4-5 years from now I’m gonna be in my 30s in the workforce. I can’t imagine waiting that long as a grown man to read and play a story game. That’s not even mentioning Book 5 etc.

  • Johnny

    Hi everyone, I am asking @Paul Wang or anyone that might know, in how many years approach give or take will the wars of infirmity be released? also will there be a fifth book as well?

    It was a great game btw I would recommend it to everyone, the work that had been put in to this is clearly visible by the quality of the content, I hope Paul won’t let us wait long for the new game, because I already want to know what will happen 🙂

  • Paul

    Already played it several times. An absolute masterpiece, well worth the wait.
    Congratulations on finishing this work!

  • Cunaris

    It was an amazing game, the quality of writing is excellent @Paul Wang nailed it I cannot wait to see what he is planning for the next book which I am sure will be as great as this one,
    Only I wanted to ask anyone that might know, how long approximately would we have to wait, give or take for the release of the new book? I am already eager to see what happens next I hope Paul won’t let us wait for long because it’s something short of torture not being able to proceed with the story 🙂

  • Reddingifeld

    Game is solid, quality of writing is amazing, I waited for it eagerly to come out, without any disrespect towards Paul, ( I love his style of writing and his games ) and I know that everyone has their own personal lives, but for a full time writer 4-5 years of waiting period for game is too much, I can only hope that the next game will be available within the year or 1.5 perhaps , but 4 is too much in my opinion.
    That is my only complaint other than that everything is 5/5

  • wilkic2

    Hi Paul,

    I wanted to write that you’ve made a masterpiece. I’ve played through the games more than 5 times. Bought and played the first two games after trying the demo for Lords. Your world that you have created is mesmerizing, and you’ve improved tremendously as a game developer. The jump in complexity, depth, and consequence from Sabres to Lords is astounding. You’ve made the best interactive fiction game series I’ve ever played, by far, and it’s one of the most memorable worlds too. Even outside the game, I’ve spent hours debating and talking about the politics of the game, the morality of its characters, etc etc with folks on Steam and the Reddit.

    Congratulations and I wish you tremendous success. Hopefully you’re getting some rest now after completing this mammoth work. And I am very eagerly awaiting the sequels!

  • Hamish Poole

    So proud of you Paul.

    Such an inspiration you’ve done so much with this series. Wonderful thing to do.

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