Lords of Infinity has a Demo!

Just one more announcement before the end of the month: I’m happy to announce that Lords of Infinity now has a free demo, covering character generation, the prologue, and the first two chapters, which comes to somewhere around 200k words worth of content.

If that sounds like too much, remember that this is about one-eighth of the entire game.

You can play the demo here.

14 responses to “Lords of Infinity has a Demo!

  • Charles Aznable

    Ty for the demo! It’s been worth the 7 year wait! Just have a quick question. I imported my character, and he has Lady Katarina d’al Cazarosta listed under both his friends and associates and his enemies (she’s actually his only enemy, still dunno why she hates me so much…), Is that supposed to be possible?

    • wei wei

      oh come on the full game come out next month, you waited 7 years what is another couple of weeks to you lol

      • Charles Aznable

        Still patiently waiting, and will buy it immediately when available, just got a little confused is all. When a character who at the end of the last game, who I was on pretty good terms with for the whole game, basically says “you’re my enemy” on the docks and leaves, and then this next game is all lovey dovey with me, it’s gonna cause some confusion.

    • handloff

      That would make sense if you decided to try and con her for her estate at the end of Guns

      • Charles Aznable

        But I didn’t, thats the odd thing. For most of the game, we were friendly, though I did defer to Cassius’ ideas instead of hers most of the time. I thought we left on a good note when I went to the final battle and her the secret mission, but when we met on the docks before she left she straight up was like, “I hate you” and I was so confused where that came from. I was even more confused when I tried the demo and saw she was listed as my friend and enemy, and had the same lovey-dovey dialogue you would get from if you romanced her. So I dunno what happened, but maybe there was a stack overflow error like with ghadi in civ where that hate turned to love lol.

  • Donald Rankins

    This is the week we’ve all been waiting for!

  • Corregidor

    I’m super excited for the full release! Quick question, is Lords of Infinity also gonna be on mobile like the previous 2? I have seen the steam page just not the Google play page and it makes me kinda anxious lol. Thanks in advance and can’t wait to see the end of this story!

  • ccc

    So what do you think the price of the game would be on steam


    I thought the release of Lords of infinity is today?

  • Michael

    Hey @Paul Wang sir,

    Is today still the release date or has there been a delay? No big deal either way, just nice to know one way or the other.

  • Mr Lol

    Wait why there is no Lord of infinity in Google play store or

  • bammalamb

    I just finished the game. Holy crap dude. I can’t wait for the next one.

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