March Update

Work continues on Lords of Infinity‘s side content – much of it stuff which will help flesh out the world and provide some more flavour to the characters and the social milieu of both Aetoria and the country estate. They’ll have some interesting effects on the endgame too.

In the meantime, this month’s A Creator’s Guide to Writing and Worldbuilding, A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea, and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms, are now all up.

21 responses to “March Update

  • 0rb

    Any estimate for lords release date?

  • Noble

    I really look towards lords of infinity, the world and characters are a blast to read about

  • lucanius

    Paul, how long until you finish the entire infini saga ? I am a Huge fan of your work, but i fear that i’ll be 50 yrs old ( i am 22 though ) and we’ll still be waiting for the release of the next games. It’d be awesome if you managed to finish all the infini games on the next five years at least.

    • Dyanderna

      There’s meant to be two more games after this and I’m guessing he wants to go bigger and better with each so I doubt we’ll be seeing both in 5 years sadly

      • lucanius

        That’s quite frustrating. I’m afraid that over time people like myself will lose interest in the series.

  • aswtawafa

    is there a baneblood horse? Or plant baneblood?? Silly question, I know.

  • Dara

    This comment somehow reminded me of “a song of ice and fire” and people hopes for release dates. 😦
    At this point I (like many people) don’t care anymore for that series, I hope this doesn’t happen here.

    • lucanius

      That is exactly what I was thinking. Over time people will, unfortunately, lose interest in the series, which is terrible by the way. I just think that Paul could get done with the other books fast if he could. If he is a full-time writer finishing this series should not be a problem. I’ve played the demo and so far it does not justifies all these years of waiting

      • Abel

        Dude, you’re being insensitive. He has his own life to live. However he decides to go with this series is not up to you. You can offer your thoughts, but you can’t say “it doesn’t justify these years of waiting” after playing a demo, and you cannot pretend to know how capable he is of getting these out there. It’s good he’s taking his time instead of just churning out a low quality story. When people decide to make their product’s quality dependent on consumer/investor impatience, the product suffers.

      • Andreas

        Seriously, everypart is as long as a book. In everypart he must separate stories based on player choices. Better then any triple aaa game he has somehow succeeded in giving the feeling that the choices really Mather and drastically can change the ending of the books. For every part he writes this will great more and more time and challenges. Adding to the fact that what I know this ain’t his full time job.

  • marketcrash

    The nature of the work (as a CYOA) exponentially increases the writing amount Paul has to do. I think the results are worth it. I have never read such compelling military-command fiction since the Sharpe books.

    And military fiction is not the end of it! Hell, by the end of this most recent installment, we are looking at being part of the ruling coalition of a Napoleonic-era country!

    The Lords of Infinity reminds me of Griffin’s The Brotherhood of War series, with its concentration around the culture of commissioned officers and the minor elite social strata. The period drama element of it also adds a rich flavor to the story. I think this is an untapped market niche that could be very popular.

    Also, Paul avoids the pitfall of many fantasy works where magic/mystical systems overpowers individual characters/groups and makes macro social-economic systems uninteresting/unimportant. In fact, in this work, low-fantasy elements adds to those macro-systems.

    As more and more people discover these works, the fanbase will grow, and the resources available to Paul will do the same.

  • Orbital ninja

    Does anyone know other games that are like the infinity series?

  • TheBloodOrc

    Let’s not forget that Lord’s of Infinity isn’t the only thing he’s been working on every month. He’s also been pumping out the Creators Guide to Writing, Soldiers Guide to the Infinite Sea, and the Adventurers Guide to the Fledgling Realms every month potentially helping future writers and definetely fleshing out and expanding upon the lore of his universes. So it’s not like we haven’t been getting content and good content at that. Not to mention those posts have been getting longer, better, and more fleshed out every month.

    Also coming from a lover of politics, military history, and a soldier I have yet to find a better series in this niche. If you want a more hands on role in developing something similar to this I’m trying to develop my own indie table top rpg inspired by the Infinite Sea universe and would be happy with help or people to bounce ideas off of.

  • Deon

    Paul, can you please add the save system in the demo.
    Thank you for all your hard work. You are one of the best political, military writers I know.

  • Z

    I think two very different path, culture, view point and military. Will develop from which side won in the power struggle and it will be fun of how these 2 change the course of the country and life of people living in the country and international relations. But I think both should have different strengths and weaknesses compare to other. It could present some unique problems for each system and sustain hidden options for each on a given problem ( major problems)

  • Z

    Is there a way to know what happened in league of antar ,political ,economics, change in view point and geo politics between different factors. As king army pretty much decimated the prince khorobirit army was annihilated ,allies lost or significant weakenned, political power all spend ( is it base on military might and fear mostly) ,economics impact, and the fact prince family was either killed (wife) or kidnapped state of mind. And how it have change the entire country after 12 years of war on each side ( east, west, north, south and center of the country) as some are more affected then other and how have they adaped.
    ****** but most importantly what happened to the nobles who refuses to bend in 1 book some 10.000 soldier in there command do they form there own faction in there defence ( as after the battle prince khorobirit will be too focused on the king army to annilate them and after the battle of blogia will be spend and other side will be deeply defended as prince khorobirit is know to cruel and never back from his threat.

  • boul

    cant wait for it. this series was literally my favorite!

  • B

    by the Saints, i can no longer wait!

  • wei wei

    i think a good estimate of release day is either june or july

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