February Update

Chapter 9 of Lords of Infinity has proven rather larger than the last few. It looks like it’ll probably end up being at least 70 or 80k words by the time it’s done. Normally I manage to turn out a chapter a month, but this one’s definitely going to take two.

That being said, it also wraps up a lot of plot threads (or at least, moves them to the point where the next installment will pick up on them), so we are definitely nearing an ending here.

In other news, this month’s of A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea, and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms are now up, as usual. The Patreon’s gone over $500 a month again, so if that holds up, I should be also resuming A Creator’s Guide to Writing and Worldbuilding in April or so.

12 responses to “February Update

  • wei wei

    it is chinese new year no one can blame you if you take a break in february πŸ˜›

  • Yana

    Please no need to burden you more with the creators guide. Please take your time and chill. Think of the patreon as a booster to the main series.

  • Riddhijit

    Finally! Finally ! Finally something about the Mhyiddyosi 😭

  • A persian

    Firstly hello there and great work. I personally am not much of a reader but your work is magnetic, so thank you. Andhow I do not whether you addressed this question or not, when will we figure out dragoon’s officer calibre and more about banecasting it is rather an intriguing concept for me. And my respect to you sir.

    • Some reader

      Hi, I’m not the author but I believe the dragoon officer’s calibre is revealed in Sabres of Infinity, it’s one if not the lowest one so he can’t do any banecasting but he can sense the bane.

    • Bobby Sands

      The dragoon officer is not a banecaster and hence has no calibre.

  • Jared

    I loved your installments in this series. You are easily one of the best authors for choice involved games. I had a real quick question to ask you, are you going to release your next one with hosted again or seperate??

  • XyZ

    Hey, man I love your work, but could you maybe make it easier to gain charisma. I for the love of it, couldn’t increase my charisma by more than a few meager %. On my current playthrough my character has somewhere from 0 to 1% charisma and I’m failing all the stat checks. It’s not that nice. If nothing can be done, could you use the other engine, you know the one in which you can set how much certain decisions boost stats? Please reply and thank you for making this. I really enjoy when history and fantasy come together.

    • A

      Hey, I’m not the author, but a general tip would be to get all your personal stats mostly finalized by the end of Sabres. Sabres has pretty much all the opportunities to increase personal stats, and, if i recall correctly, it doesn’t use fairmath, unlike Guns. (The Infinity series is more complicated than most other choice games.) There are very good, detailed guides for Sabres and Guns. Don’t use if you don’t want massive spoilers.

      ~This is a Sabres guide that shows the exact stat gain and loss of each action. No commentary, just numbers.

      ~A Guns guide. It has commentary and accurate numbers, but they won’t match the percentage on the screen because of fairmath (a +5 to soldiering might be a 1 or 2 percent increase at 49 soldiering).

      • ahtf

        Hi is there a similar text uploader for guns? Never found one myself. And after playing it 30 times, it would be nice to read up πŸ™‚

  • jan

    Is there a subreddit for the infinity series?

  • Mido BK

    is there a release time yet ??is there a release time yet ?

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