A Note on Working Alone

A lot of you have been suggesting recently that I hire on other people to help me in my writing process. I suspect that’s because a lot of you have been waiting for Lords of Infinity for quite some time, and would like to see it finished sooner, rather than later – which is definitely something I get. I’d like to see it finished soon too. However, expanding to a two or three person team isn’t likely to help that process, and I’d like to take a minute to address why.

The first reason is a practical one: I can’t afford it. I think a lot of people vastly over-estimate how much money writers make, and that applies to stuff like this as well. While I can support myself on a combination of sales, the occasional side work, and proceeds from my Patreon, that doesn’t mean I have enough left over to be able to afford to hire an additional person for any appreciable amount of work. I’d probably have to be making at least twice what I’m making now to consider hiring on someone even part-time, and still pay them a fair wage.

The second reason is a bit more complex: simply put, most of the Infinite Sea exists in my head. All of the world-building, character interactions, broader themes, and where I want the story to go all exist only in my thoughts. While I maintain sets of notes to help keep those thoughts in order, they’d pretty much make no sense whatsoever to anyone else. That means if I were to bring anyone else into this project, I’d not only have to also take the time to explain all of this to a whole new person, but I’d also have to constantly make sure that their work shares the same themes and tone and assumptions as mine. At best, that means I’d essentially be working full-time making sure someone else is writing what I could have been writing myself. At worst, I’d be reducing Lords of Infinity to a discordant mess, a jumble of two separate streams of thought with two different creative visions.

As things are, I’m writing at a pretty steady clip: about 50 000 words a month. At the current rate, I can expect Lords of Infinity to be finished this year, with a word count longer than most linear fantasy series. It’s a pace I’m more or less happy with, and I can’t really think of ways to write faster.

Part of the reason I can even write this fast at all is because the income from my Patreon allows me to write more-or-less full-time. If you’d like to support that, then I’d highly recommend you do. At $1 a month, Patrons get early access to articles, whilst Patrons at the $2 a month tier get to vote on the next articles I write on, based on a selection suggested by thost donating $10 a month.

As usual, of course, this month’s installments of A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea, and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms are also now up for general access.

20 responses to “A Note on Working Alone

  • wei wei

    i am sure once lord of infinity is out your patoen number will increase, i am not only looking for your lords of infinity but also wars of infinity in the future

  • Kemal

    Really Cata it’s fine!! Don’t sweat it! I’ll keep spreading your works and direct my friends to the Patreon. Keep up the good work!!!!

    Let’s go to his Patreon guys

  • The Phule

    You’re doing a great job, and I don’t think you need to call anyone else in: You’re managing an entire chapter every month, which is frankly astonishing, and you’ll probably want to take a few months to proof everything at the end.

  • Tem

    Surprised people even brought this up as if they don’t realise a writer collaborating with another can actually greatly impact the story especially when ones styles of writing are different regardless of their ability to collaborate bc as you said, the lore is in your head and to relay to others will be a long process where they might not even understand it themselves. Besides that, keep up the good work man I am not fussed in any way that you’re taking your time bc the more time u take with it then the more care you’re putting into it.

  • Neil

    Cant wait for the release

  • lakshay gahlan

    Your previous two games of Infinity series are the best interactive novel games out there I’m sure the upcoming Lords of Infinity will be even better
    Our best wishes are with you

  • Sabre’s, Guns, Now Lords

    I would be very interested in helping you out (for writing). And I’ll do it for free. I have always been interested in the infinity universe and I also have many ideas/theories of my own (all bubbles up in my head). I will also be honest about something else, I am not caught up with all of the monthly info of the world, however read I pretty fast. Anyways, I would love to talk details but I don’t know to get in contact with you. But if you would my help (for free), I will be ready.

  • AP

    Just a quick note, you could always get someone to proofread on Fiverr if you’re getting overwhelmed, tired, or want to focus on the story. It’s pretty cheap too.

    Aside from that, love your games and I’m looking forward to the next one.

  • Michael Bracken

    I get it and agree… for the story content.

    However, you could easily get fans or college coders to help you with the coding and debugging for free. I think that would save you a lot of time and effort. The fans want the work done and to be able to say they helped, and the college kids need to build experience and a portfolio of works completed. You could even reward good work with free Patreon access to the top tier or if Patreon doesn’t do that then a thank you list or throw away character names.

    If this is something you would consider I can help you figure out how to setup your story text for people to know what you to happen with the code. I can even be o e of the helpers but not until after August this year. (Completing school first).

  • Darling

    I can’t wait for lords of infinity . I’ve been replaying sabres and guns of infinity for like forever.

  • Darling

    I wanna know what happens to the rune gun i got from the white rose lancers . I thot i would have the option to use it at Karangia during forlon hope . Will my character be able to bring it home .

    • Riddhijit

      There is an option to use the runegun during the FH. one can clear and get rid of that machine gun the antari were using at the breach. Also u can bring it back home and one more scene is there where we use it against brigands on our way to Aetoria.

  • Darling

    lords of infinity is great . Read the current edition . It dope jus need a few touches esp on recreating the character like when the dragoon invested in Garret’s gun project or the capture of Lady Aleksandria ,the dragoon captains ddnt have to die , im pretty sure the dragoon left his unit outside and accompanied Lefebre in order to capture the mother .

    • Riddhijit

      Lady alexandra is prince khorobirits daughter. The only way to CAPTURE the daughter is by sacrificing your command. Princess Anna (wife) can be captured with Lefebvre at your side. U kill or capture the wife… the command remains safe. You kill the daughter, your command remains safe (by shooting and taking a good reputation loss). In CAPTURING THE DAUGHTER.. IE. Lady alexandra one must sacrifice the command/captains for 25k gold

  • Vamsi Krishna Aribindi

    Hmm, have you considered publishing a traditional novel set in the same world? I’d 100% buy it and read it, and it could prove to be a nice income boost-

  • Arturo da'l Chadrigez the Robo Dragoon

    I’d rather have a high quality written book that takes 2 to 3 years to finish rather than a poor quality written book that would take 1 to 2 years, I dont want this series to end up like the CGI animation in AOT S4 (Not hating on MAPPA)

  • Latin X Combo

    A collaboration with an editor and proofreader will be time well spent.

    I’ve found Choicescript to be uneven in such things.

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