December Update

With Chapter 7 of Lords of Infinity now finished, I’m moving on this week to Chapter 8, which deals with a few major plot points but mostly focuses on the consequences of some major plot twists at the end of Chapter 7.

I’m almost done now. Starting in Chapter 9 and 10, a lot of the “side” plot threads get tied up (either permanently, or in a way which carries them over to Wars of Infinity). The last three chapters are almost entirely devoted to a single event, and how the player character chooses to respond to it.

Meanwhile, this month’s installments of A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea, and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms are now up, so definitely check those out when you have time.

24 responses to “December Update

  • wei wei

    thank you so much this has been a long wait but know it is worth it.

  • shawnveloso46

    This is really hyping me up now for the release date as you mensioned the consequences. I really hope that there would still be some battles to fight in lords of infinity which if there are I’m guessing to be wither Rebels or you being a rebel and fighting the crown. Either way I am really excited for the release of this game hoping for more installments of the series to be made though probably ypu playing as your offspring of something. Thanks for something to look forward to hopefully in early 2021 Paul!

    • Kester

      Honestly my most hyped game of 2021. So many disappointments, but Paul’s writing is sure to hit the spot.

      • shawnveloso46

        Honestly, I’d read/play anything that Paul makes, His writings really convey the story just right to make you hooked into playing/reading more.

    • Riddhijit

      You will be the impartial keeper of peace. We ain’t fighting against anyone.. just fighting to defend THE PEACE… not queen(?) Isobel’s nor Duke Wulfram’s.

  • Riddhijit

    Laye wulfram got no chill 😂😂😂

  • Kester

    I cannot contain my excitement. I’m not expecting a war this book, so the exciting engagements will obviously be limited. Still, political intrigue is so dope. How many books are still planned? Can we perhaps expect another war in the 4th or 5th book?

  • martoblue

    I happened to play Sabres of Infinity by chance and that was a moment I relish. Lords of Infinity better be a long one please.

  • Seerwan

    U shud recruit employee good books!

  • martoblue

    Love your Infinity series and it’s been a nice ride. Infinity games deserve to be longer as the world building detail you put could support a big one.

  • max12349

    Please tell me I can woo the King

  • A mossad agent

    Yay! It’s almost complete

  • Hassan Jaqar

    I had a suggestion for the estate management, I think the player should be able to continue more than one construction at a time, I thought the ransom money will really let me turn my estate upside down but you are barely able to finish the major project which leaves every other thing hanging. We should be able to hire labor from outside but to balance it the second and third projects will have increased expenses, and the stats can also be used in this as more intellectual and charismatic character will be able to handle more projects. I think the estate management is really well done but to make it more engaging the player should have the choice to make extreme changes in the world and I think this will really help and I really love your books, my first ever purchase was guns of infinity and this series has been my favorite ever since.

  • Robbie

    Can’t wait for Lords have played through Sabres and Guns so many times! This is best news this year bring on 2021

  • Jackal

    I think you should enlist some help to fasten your writing pace

    • Anon#2383

      Hiring a suitable assistant or rather finding one is not as easy as it sounds. speed might improve but the quality drops. also he might like working alone or find writing more than just a job.

  • Khan

    Guys let’s support him on Patreon!!!!

  • Khan

    I think rather than writing a third series (how to write), you should focus on infinity. We are NOT fine if you exert yourself too much, especially in this pandemic!

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