November Update

I’ve started work on Chapter 7 of Lords of Infinity this month, and I’m about halfway through it now. Chapter 7 is kind of an important section, both because it joins the two seperate plot threads which dominate the first half of the story, and sets up the events which directly lead to the climax in the final chapters.

Meanwhile, this month’s installments of A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea, An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms and A Creator’s Guide to Writing and Worldbuilding are also now up.

9 responses to “November Update

  • Tyler Anderson

    Has it been released yet I just stumbled across the series and finished the first two books and can’t find Lords of infinity on the apple App Store

  • Frollo

    Hey, recently finished Sabers and have started with Guns and really into both. However just have to ask this – would the added homosexual romance options in Lords (which I read of somewhere in a discussion thread) include Cairns Caz? I know the game is not about romance but really fell for (Cairns) Caz ever since the moment he pulled the protagonist back up in Blogia and told him he can’t die unless ordered to. I know Kat is a bit like Cairns in temparament and is an interesting RO – just no replacement for her step-brother, with everything the protagonist and Cairns went through together. Even just some platonic bromance stuff between PC and Cairns would make me immensely happy! I am sorry if this annoys you and my apologies if you have heard the pleads many times before and have responded elsewhere which I simply didn’t spot in my search.

    As other said before me – can’t wait to give you the money!

  • Arif

    Perhaps you should expand your team to ease your workload. That way you can focus more on the creative side.

    • Geoff

      I don’t think this particular project can yield him that much money to cover such expenses. Hence, to the Patreon!

      • Johannes

        Not this project. But he has true writing talent. These types of games play very well on mobile thus there is funding to be had. It is a huge and more importantly growing market. So he could find investors, get a team going, make this game to get some name and then make the next game into a big one.

  • Oscar

    How many chapters will the game have

  • Kester

    I am so excited to play this Paul! I remember playing guns & sabres as a kid during the holidays. Replaying them now, and your writing quality remains impeccable.

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