October Update

It’s been a relatively busy month. Major estate projects are now complete and in the feedback cycle, which means I’m both working on balance issues and bug fixes as well as gearing up to start work on Chapter 7 of Lords of Infinity in November.

In the meantime, this month’s installments of A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea, An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms and A Creator’s Guide to Writing and Worldbuilding are also now up.

16 responses to “October Update

  • Peter

    The article for the creator’s guide doesn’t seem to have uploaded.

  • bluehulk900

    Just wanted to say thanks for putting so much time and effort into this game! Its one of my most hyped games of the year.

  • CapAmerica

    Great work!Do you have a rough date when the game Will published?

  • Alex Z

    Very excited for the release. Hopefully it will release before I go to Bootcamp.

  • Mckinley

    Wow. Can’t Wait To Read It.

  • Eager Beaver

    Hi Paul, quick question? Can the stats screen reflect how much progress you’ve made in your memoirs and who you have chosen to publish them?


  • Sir Alfonso d'al ortiga

    Great job Paul, but pretty pretty please, do you have a rough date of when the game might get published (even if it’s very far off mark) at least give me a little hope. Also is there a demo I can get my itchy hands on? I’m totally close to loosing my mind.

  • GG

    I know that Tierra have many club, so i think that Tierra have club for workers. Why can we not hire more workers from elsewhere to improve lordland? Many people at Astoria don’t have work, don’t they?

  • Persian

    Really love your work brother, this “Art” of yours has me. A quick question though, I noticed in order to have lord Renard as dragoon’s officer squire is to reject Katarina’s proposition of changing the course of history, will there be an opportunity for it to be proposed by the duke when he return to his homeland?
    Again love your work

  • jownleblanc

    I just finished my fifth playthrough of the duology and it still doesnt bore me. Its unique setting and napoleonoic theme intrigues me and i hope that by the summer of 2021 ,after which i graduate from junior high, the book is finished and available for purchase on playstore. Words cannot express how much amazing you are as an author to be able to make this kind of masterpiece. My sentiments is the same with cazarosta, i’ll miss the war, fighting , ,honour, and tactics. Maybe if the third book is succesful, you may be inclined to make another book, still set in tierra but with a new character, the descendant of the protagonist , and because of your house connections with takaran ambassador lord cassius, tierra is brought to another war as an ally of takara against kian, or maybe vice versa. Sorry its just my wishful thinking, i mean how awesome would that be? Thanks for making this trilogy and i wish you goodluck in writing more masterpieces like this.

  • Michael

    Wahoo! Very excited!

  • soda

    will it always be a choice between the cortes and major projects?

  • Xerio

    Lords of Infinity is looking very promising! Keep up the good work. Out of curiosity will Lords of Infinity be the last game to the Infinity series? I imagine the more games you make on the Series the more complex and larger the games will get due to their nature.

  • Lukas

    Hi Cata!

    Great fans of your work since Sabre.

    I’m curious, in writing an interactive fiction, is there a scale-up parameter? If so, what is it and what’d you do? Perhaps adding a staff writer on certain projects, or designer.. tbh with you I am blind in regards to the world of writings.

    Many thanks! Good luck on your projects!

  • Flob

    Hi, very fine stuff, enjoyed the enclosure and stables stories. There seems to be glitch in that the income from the major project doesn’t seem to get added to net income once you start earning it. It is in when you look at stats but not the 6 monthly report. As ever though very enjoyable and well worth replaying and rereading.

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