March Update

I’m now working on Chapter 5B of Lords of Infinity, and a rough estimate puts me at maybe 30-40% done at the moment. This one should be a shorter chapter than the last, though I don’t know by how much. After taking a look at what I’ve got planned, I’ve decided to divide Chapter 5 into three versions, which means I won’t be able to get to Chapter 6 until the beginning of May, if things go well.

This month’s installments of A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms are now up, so go ahead and check those out. I’ll also be starting a third Patreon column, entitled A Creator’s Guide to Writing and Worldbuilding starting next month, so look forward to that as well.

18 responses to “March Update

  • Flavio

    How much time so you think it will Take to Finish Lords of Infinity?

  • Bbrochest

    With each update we are getting more excited for the final release of the game. The report about Daniel seems intriguing to say the least, knowing that know we have a traitor among our lads. All the best wishes for you and be sure to keep safe from Corona, as we do not want this disease to affect the writing on the next book.

  • Trenton

    Thank you again for all your writing, Cataphrak. Stay safe with the Carona craziness.

  • Reymark Serentas

    Hi! Ive only gotten free of work becuase of the outbreak, but why cant i see your work in hosted game wip anymore?

    • Riddhijit

      Lords of infinity wip page on the hosted games forum has gone private since the original thread completed its limit of 10000 posts. Also Paul, finished 3 chapters of the book so the moderators decided to create a private page with only the ‘members’ (in forum trust level) to access it. I suspect paul must have given invites to his patrons as well. Thus, to conclude you need to have 3rd level of trust in cog forum in order to access LOI wip

      • Zarak

        I don’t think that is true. You just need to sign up to see that thread. It is because they moved the thread to adult section because they don’t want minors to read that stuff. So there is no restrictions or anything from the COG or our beloved author. Just sign up and you’re done.

      • Riddhijit

        @Zarak i spoke with no one else but the Grouch in Chief. He clearly told i gotta be a member in order to access LOI. When i asked that, i was on the second level. The trust levels are newbie, user, member, regular and then moderator and so on… just for reference

  • Dylan

    I can’t wait for lords of infinity, I’m really excited

  • Dylan

    Oh i almost forgot, if you can tell us, will investing in master Garing’s invention worth it? And will the Ransom in the end accualy clear our family dept?

  • weiweizhanh

    thank you, for update and as for Dylan i think the larger ransom will definly clear out the ransom. however i do fear it will have consequence in the long run.

  • Commander of the Second Legion

    With the quarantine and lockdowns going on.. I sure hope that this game will be expedited and released earlier.

  • Joshua Watts

    I really enjoy your writing and I’m excited to read/play the final installment. I just wished it wouldn’t take so long. But considering the time you’re putting into it makes confident it’s gonna be great.

  • Michael B

    Thanks for the monthly updates! They keep me interested and your work in my mind. It’s taken an average of 3 months per chapter so I’m hoping for a July- September release but if not that’s okay too! Keep up the good work and know your fans check in so there is a point to these updates and we love your work so we want you to take your time to get it the way you want it!

  • Jayden White

    Hey there I’ve been waiting since the start of Covid for updates but just haven’t seen none, I’m wondering when the game is coming out ?

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