April Update

It’s certainly been an interesting month.

Things aren’t too bad where I am, at least where the COVID-19 outbreak is concerned. The BC provincial government has generally been pretty good about taking precautions, and our new case count is both low and generally declining (nearly 2/3rds of active cases in British Columbia have already recovered).

That being said, I’m still taking precautions, sheltering in place, keeping my distance from other people, washing my hands regularly, and doing all the other stuff I can to avoid catching or spreading the infection. My chances of getting the Coronavirus are slim, but it takes a collective effort to keep it that way.

In the meantime, I’m now about halfway done the last iteration of Chapter 5. After that, I’ve got the two versions of Chapter 6 to write – which is where stuff really starts going off the rails.

This month’s installments of A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms are now up, as is the first installment of A Creator’s Guide to Writing and Worldbuilding, a new Patreon-funded column about the mechanics of well… writing and worldbuilding.

13 responses to “April Update

  • Riddhijit

    Great work paul! I loved the first two columns as usual but the third column was amazing! It gave me a brilliant new horizon to look forward in making scripts or stories and so on. Thank you! Btw in lords will we get an option in the reform commission to convert the dragoons as predominantly infantry regiment? We have just been told of the logistics faction(hawthorne i guess), the sharper edge faction(palliser) and finally convincing the cortes condition. I wonder if this month’s article will be there to chose if our MC sides with palliser in the commission…

  • Chris

    Amazing writing in your soldiers guide, I love it when you refer to the dragoon’s and the exploits of the main character in after battle reports. One question, when do you think infinity lords is coming out, I loved the first two books and have replayed them dozens of times thank you so much for such amazing writing.

  • Robbie

    Outstanding content and outstanding games, please keep up the amazing work,

  • Omar

    Hi I was just wondering on the status of the next book in the fledgling realms series? I know it may not seem as popular as your other series but I promise you that many fans are awaiting your next instalment of it as the first two were very enjoyable

    • Paul Wang

      The Bandit-Lords of the Iron Marches (yes, that’s what I’m calling it) is *probably* up next, but a lot depends on how Lords of Infinity and Burden of Command do.

  • simon

    Hey paul
    is there a possibility that lanzerel and marion survive the second battle of kharangia
    if yes,how?

  • simon

    Hey paul
    Do i have a chance to save marion and lanzerel at the second battle of kharangia?
    if yes how?

  • lukas928l

    Hey just want to say great works! I’ve just finished playing the 2 saber game and it was really fun! Now I just found out about these exciting projects. My question is: will these affect your writing pace on the main game itself? can I support you in some way to make your job easier on the main game?

    again, great works! can’t wait for you next game!

  • Scott

    I’ve just a moment ago finished book two. Really great storytelling and one of the best stories on the platform (probably the best actually). Can’t wait for book 3!

  • Riddhijit

    I wonder if there are advancements in battle blimps and zeppelins and the creation of the first ever airforce in the infinite realms! (U might balk at this suggestion given that Tierra is going through an economic crisis and here we are talking about expensive inefficient flying ships… incredulous!)

    • simon

      well it isnt impossible but..
      i dont think it will actually be happening
      but its a great idea.

      • Riddhijit

        It isnt impossible! He did give indications that we are going through a scientific revolution with those experiments with steam engines… i do think the knights of the green will help us!

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