January Update

Happy New Year!

I’ve started working Chapter 5A of Lords of Infinity, which is likely to be another rather large one. The next few chapters after should be a bit shorter (and therefore be finished a bit quicker), but I obviously have to finish working on this one before I can consider those.

As usual, this month’s installments of A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms are also now up. If you would like to support more of these worldbuilding articles, you can donate to my Patreon. Patrons get early access, a chance to vote on next month’s topics, and (at the highest tier) the ability to suggest new topics to be voted on.

5 responses to “January Update

  • Alessandro Navone

    Hey Paul, a question: is it technically possible to have a recap of our story and choices in the previous games or – even better – to read our entire previous story, like a book? I guess nope, but it would be nice to me. I’ll gladly replay the entire game when this comes out; I just really loved the rather tragic outcome of my last playthrough though.

    Anyway, thanks for what you’re doing. As a military history enthusiast, your games can capture war better than any other I’ve come across. Regards, and have a nice day.

  • Flavio

    Hey Paul i Just wanted to know how many time you will Take to Finish Lords of Infinity?
    Great work in the Last two books by the was!

  • Cristian Aban

    I was wondering whether or not the impact of family specifically the younger brother will lead to a scenario where he might have to fight in a war probably a war with the Kian. Depending on how much you nurture him if he will fight and survive or die depending on the situation of whether you stay in the army or as said earlier nurture. I also wondered if having chosen either the feminist or having the talk with the king will also open a path where if you have a sister will also fight and would then lead to you basically preparing their future based off of your choices. Having their lives told in the epilogue if you “the character” doesn’t screw up or end in a sort of bad ending.

  • Brody McCarthy

    Is there a demo? Is so could I get the link, honestly love these game.

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