December Update

When I started Chapter 4B, I thought it’d be substantially shorter than 4A.

I was right, but only assuming a very loose definition of “substantial”. The second part of Chapter 4 clocks in at about 70k words, which is still quite a bit more than what I was expecting. I’m running some tests on it now, and after that  I’m going to focus on balancing and polish for a bit until I start work on 5A in the new year.

This month’s installments of A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms are also now up for general perusal. As usual, if you want early access, a chance to vote on next month’s topics, or simply want to support my work further, you can donate to my Patreon.

4 responses to “December Update

  • Abominable

    Do you already know how many chapters LoI will have once complete? Or is it still up in the air? Either, thanks for the hard work this year. Happy Holidays!

  • Trenton

    Thanks for all your hard work Cataphrak and hope you have an enjoyable holiday season. The Soldiers Guide entry certainly gave me a laugh.

  • Flavio

    Great work in the last episodes, i played them twice each and i Like them a Lot but i would Like to know in how much time you will be ending Lords of Infinity

  • Watching Random Videos Every Single Day

    just wanted you to know that i was a huge fan of your work’s and I cannot wait until you finish the lords of Infinity good work thank you for your hardwork and effort on making a good game.

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