October Update

I’ve been working on Chapter 4A of Lords of Infinity this whole last month, and it’s proving a particularly large project. I just topped 75k words, and it’s still not finished. Hopefully, I’ll be able to polish it off sometime this week or the next, and hopefully, the second version of Chapter 4 won’t be anywhere near as long.

October’s installments of A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms are also now up.

3 responses to “October Update

  • Adit Sulistiyo

    Hi Paul, I’m one of your fan from Indonesia. I really like your games, especially the Infinity series! I always fascinated with fantasy war stories, and your Infinity series is special because not only it is set in a fantasy magical gunpowder-era world, it’s an interactive story with stats, branching plot, and multiple ending! So far, I have yet to find interactive fiction or games with similar theme, depth, and details like yours. When I noticed that in the sequel you can get your character into politics, I said to myself “This series is getting even better!”. I just want to let you know that even in an obscure country like Indonesia you have a reader looking forward to your next game! Sorry for the weird English!

  • Mr. Miller

    Honestly, length does not bother me one bit. Take as much time as you need to make sure this story is your best yet. I’m in love with your Infinity series, and I am willing to wait a long time if it means this story gets all of the loving it deserves. Keep It up, you’re my favorite interactive authors, and one of my favorite authors in general.

  • Elijah

    Your one of my favorite authors and I hope that you can see that you have a huge fan base that supports you through your writing. I’ve personally played the two previous games at least a dozen times. Thank you for your work.

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