September Update

As of this update, all three versions of Chapter 3 of Lords of Infinity are now finished, which means I’ve started working on the two versions of Chapter 4.

Both iterations of Chapter 4 are relatively large. Although I’m certainly going to try to get Chapter 4A done by this time next month, it may take somewhat longer than that.

As usual, September’s installments of A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms are now up.

4 responses to “September Update

  • GingerRootBeer

    Dude I can’t wait until this game is out I loved all the games you made and will make sure to recommend my friends the series when it’s done!

  • Saswat Pani

    Please focus on completing the infinty pentalogy rather than your kendrickstone series as I feel your infinity series is way better than your hero of kendrickstone and cryptkeepers of hallowford.So please focus on completing the lords of infinity rather than distracting yourself by making cryptkeepers of hallowford or choice of fms foraker.Please try to finish the lords of infinity by february or march 2020 and release the game by september or October 2020

    • April

      I you focus entirely on one creative project for to long with no variation it can cause the artestry to stagnate. Its the same reason why painter whom work on large scale project will sketch or have a second project that they work on when their “off the clock” so to speak. Anyone trying to make something creative knows to dedicate a certain allotted number of hours to a project in a day and only go beyond that if they are truly struck by inspiration.

      So all I have to say is please keep doing what your doing the results are always worth the effort you put in and though I’m practly chewing of my own arm with impatients I will keep waiting for the Lords of Infinity to come out and will be one of the first to buy it 💖😸👍

  • fmzeth

    It literally hurts to keep waiting to check in on my old friends.

    I still have all the old language notes; I can only assume you’ll still want them.


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