April Update

Not much news this month. I’m still plugging away at updates on Lords of Infinity, among other things – though with most of the major game-breaking bugs now fixed, I can turn out updates at a more relaxed pace. I’ve also been putting in work on other projects (including Burden of Command, which is getting pretty close to a complete game now). There are also some other new developments in the works, though I can’t talk about those quite yet.

I’m also trying to take some time for myself before those future projects get up to full speed now that I have some spare time and (hopefully soon) some spare money. For one thing, I’m planning on getting a new PC (this one is over a decade old and literally falling apart). No greater ambitions beyond that though, not yet.

In the meantime this month’s Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea, Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms, and Creator’s Guide to Writing and Worldbuilding are all up, so give those a look if you’re so inclined. A big thanks to both new and long-term subscribers to my Patreon for supporting it all.

4 responses to “April Update

  • Z

    A genuine question is one side right and other in the wrong like it’s not going that path. I mean both side have advantage and disadvantages so can both side have a equal chance toward victory and only MC action in lords and wars give advantage over the other.

  • Pax

    Hello Paul, I am creating a fan fork/made map of Tierra and is their any specific locations in Wulfram I can make into the geography.

    How the map is looking like

  • Z

    A serious question do wulfrum make you second -master of order of saint Enrique. And if he does how?
    Is it stats related like strength, charm and intelligent or do you have to complete saint hood quest.

  • Crusade

    Hey Paul, loved the game. Loved the Infinity series since 2015. Can’t wait for your new projects and for the next installment.

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