Some Slight Complications

I’m going to try to be brief here, mostly because I’m typing from my phone.

This is because my computer just died.

It’s an old machine and most of its internal components date from about 2013, so it’s hardly a surprise. I’ve actually been counting on the money from Lord’s of Infinity‘s release to help but a new PC, and all my work is safely backed up on a cloud server, so needless to say, it’s timing is more inconvenient than disastrous.

That being said, definitely expect delays this month – hopefully only for a few days, but definitely for a while.

Update, Aug. 16th: My computer has now been fixed, thanks to the time and effort of some close friends. While there’ll still be a few delays, we should be back on track.

4 responses to “Some Slight Complications

  • Aftab Mahar

    Hope everything works out, best wishes.

  • KaiserBanana

    Would you take donations to help out with your new pc?

  • AJ Dillulio

    On god I thought he was about to say the whole thing got deleted and I was gonna kill myself. I’ve been waiting for this game to come out since I was a junior in high school and the thought of waiting 5 more years woulda killed me

  • Slater

    I am also wondering if you would take donations towards a new computer, glad you got the current one up and running again, but it sounds like it’s a temporary solution and I’d be happy to pitch in.

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