A Quick May Update

Just a quick update this month to remind everyone that May’s installments of A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms are now up.

Chapter 2B of Lords of Infinity is still in the works. I vastly underestimated the amount of time I’d need to work on the “downtime” options (2B takes place over the course of a full year), but I should have them nailed down now. Theoretically that means the downtime options in the next few chapters should be easier to manage, though don’t hold me to that.

9 responses to “A Quick May Update

  • Daniil

    *In reference to the dossier from Tierran Intelligence*

    None of this sounds good at all for the kingdom my lord. Sounds like an Antari Prince is attempting to crown himself king, if not Khorobirit. Takara is beggining to boil, and the Takarans, Kian, & Mihidyossi sound like they’re ready for a war. All very troubling indeed. Your Faithful Servant

    – Baron Miguel d’al Zorro, Baron of Californay

    • Gabriel d’al taller

      None of it does especially for us we are right in the bloody middle of all it. The great war is coming and we must be ready for it my lord. Your Faithful Servant

      – Sir Gabriel d’al Taller, Baron of Snowdown

  • Cal

    May I ask what time frame these reports were made in the infinity universe please?

  • William Hart

    If only we knew how many chapters this story will be. Any guesses? Can estimate sort of based on that.

  • Trenton

    Hey Cataphrak, would you consider having a “support the developer” add-on dlc like the Hero Rise series has?

  • Steven

    May The Saint Bless Us All

  • Jon Snow

    When’s the estimate release date? I’ve waited a full year on this. Super excited to play.

  • C H L O E

    I hope the official release would be on june 🙏 you would not believe how many time I’ve typed down “Lord’s of infinity” in playstore huhu but no pressure, I wouldn’t want for you to rush the content because of our impatience hahaha

  • drew

    Just wanted to say i’m excited for this to come out. Your games have been my favorite IF and a marvelous mix of game mechanics and narrative. I’m sure it’s hard to iterate this stuff to get it write, it’s worth the hard work!

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