Released: Guns of Infinity

GoI Header
It’s finally here.

After nearly two years of writing, countless hours of worldbuilding and revision, and a truly astounding amount of narrative creep, Guns of Infinity is finally out for mobile devices and Chrome Webstore (Steam release to follow soon.). Clocking in at 440 000 words, it is the largest work I have ever completed, and certainly the one which I have put the most of my effort and skill into (although that will likely always be true of my most recent work).

The direct sequel to my first IF, Sabres of Infinity, Guns of Infinity continues the story of an aristocratic cavalry officer at war as he rises through the ranks, redeems himself for past disgraces, thrusts himself to new heights of fame, or simply tries to stay alive on the field of battle and off; as he finds himself entangled in the complex intrigues of spies, kings, lords, and foreign powers.

As the main character completes his transition from callow recruit to a battle-hardened senior officer, he is given fresh opportunity to pursue wealth, glory, and even love. Yet new opportunities bring new dangers – not just to his life; but to his reputation, his family, to his very conscience.

You can pick up Guns of Infinity here at the Google Play Store, here for iOS devices.

Update: Guns of Infinity is now out for the Amazon AppStore as well.

Update2: Guns of Infinity is now out for Chrome Webstore as well.

3 responses to “Released: Guns of Infinity

  • bigryback

    I’ve played the game, and I really love it, good job on making such an excellent game, I can’t wait to play more of your games in the near future 🙂

  • Gregory Bonilla

    I played the game and felt absolutely horrible with some of the things I was complicit in….then I cracked a wide smile because it was everything I wanted and had hoped for. I look forward to the next game and honestly plan on buying it on steam when it releases.

  • AzorLAD

    Paul, i loved this so much. a great squeal. I cant wait to continue my story on lords of infinity.

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