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Steam Summer Sale Bundles Available Now


Some of you may have already noticed that Steam is currently having their annual Summer Sale.

What you may not know is that Choice of Games has put up its entire catalogue on sale at a 25% discount. On top of that, they’ve put all of my currently published work up in a series of bundles, which are discounted even further.

That means you can get a bundle consisting of Mecha Ace and The Hero of Kendrickstone or one made up of Sabres of Infinity, and its sequel, Guns of Infinity for a total of 44% off!

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up any of those titles, now would probably be the best chance to nab them.

Patreon Page Now Online

Over the past few months, I’ve been coming to the realisation that the sort of in-depth world-building I do for works like Sabres of Infinity aren’t particularly financially sustainable. By spending months and months tweaking cultural biases and orders of battle, I’m able to make my stories take place in richer, fuller worlds. Skimping on the process leads occasionally to works which could have ended up being better. However, spending all that time on it also slows down my writing process appreciably, to the point where I’m not really doing paying work at the rate that I’d really want to. Guns of Infinity has proven to be a pretty good example of that: taking the time to build up the political and cultural forces that drive the story have made it a better one, but it has also taken the better part of eighteen months, and releasing one title every year and a half isn’t really anything I can live off of by itself.

So, I’ve decided to fuel my “extracurricular” worldbuilding with a Patreon page. In exchange for the funding provided by generous patrons, I intend to make publish a series of articles on the settings of my two ongoing series (The Infinite Sea of Sabres/Guns of Infinity, and The Concordat of The Hero of Kendrickstone). These articles will deliver in-depth explanations and examinations of the culture, politics, and minutiae of these settings, and will be made publicly available here on this website, in the hopes that you will enjoy reading about the details of my worlds as much as I enjoy creating them.

You can find my Patreon page here.

Secondly, some great news: barring any sort of major emergency, Guns of Infinity will be releasing tomorrow. It bears repeating that due to the way that Choice of Games has to juggle a release on six separate platforms with six different approval processes that this is not guaranteed. However, if nothing horrible happens, then everyone should be able to get their hands on a release copy sometime in the next twenty-four hours.

A New Project: The Hero of Kendrickstone

For millennia, humanity has lived in the shadow of the Flowering Court, a powerful empire ruled by strange magics. They claimed the forests and plains as their own, leaving stunted human kingdoms to develop along the hardscrabble coast.

Then, one day, they disappeared.

Two hundred years have passed since then, and humanity has flourished, driving deep inland into what had once been the rich lands of the Flowering Court’s vast realms. Over the crumbling ruins of their once-superiors, humanity has built outposts, fortresses, cities, creating new kingdoms and empires. It is a glorious time, where a man or woman who is brave enough, determined enough, or clever enough can become a figure of power and legend. Where fortunes are made and lives are lost in the wild hinterlands of frontier provinces and far-flung outposts.

It is the golden age of the adventurer, and there is no place better for an aspiring hero like you to make your name than in the shadow of the blood-red keep of the great city: Kendrickstone. Founded by one of the first adventurers, it is the gateway between civilisation and the wild frontier, and home to traders, mages, knights, and criminals. It is here, with little more than your wits, a few coins, and what scarce skills you have, that you will hone your abilities, assemble your equipment, and carve out the first words of your adventurer’s legacy.

Will you find a mentor, or stand alone? Will you fight with sword, staff, sling, or spell? Will you lay down the law, or walk free? Will you seek to help others, or only yourself?

Will you become the Hero of Kendrickstone, or will you die trying?

In The Hero of Kendrickstone, my new project for Choice of Games,  you will play a young man or woman who leaves your frontier village to seek your fortune as an adventurer in the great city of Kendrickstone. There, you will face the challenges of living costs, organised crime, and finding a mentor willing to teach the skills needed to become a great hero.

Oh yes, and adventure! The sort that leaves you facing terrible beasts, scheming nobles, and an insidious army of bandits, bent on seeing your new home destroyed.

“Save the villagers, become a hero, make rent.”

Not too bad of a tagline, eh?

Expect a page coming up as soon as I actually get the cover art scanned in.