A Quick February Update

I’d just like to let everyone know that I am now well into working on Lords of Infinity, so these updates are going to get a lot shorter.

I am still putting out Patreon articles every month though. February’s A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea, and An Adventurer’s Guide to the Fledgling Realms are now up.

4 responses to “A Quick February Update

  • The Phule

    Please tell me my maxed out memories will have some sort of positive effect: Even if only selling them for money and/or rep?

    • Abominable

      I’m guessing it’ll depend on the MC’s reputation for both previous games. Plus the tone will probably determine who ends up reading it the most. A high rep might also mean everyone wants to read it.

  • Jon

    Palm keep up the great work one question
    In a previous comment regarding the economic situation of the third game wouldn’t the winners of the war demand that the losers pay all recompense for the war cost?

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