July Content Update

Another month, another entry in the Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea.

This month’s installment is the first part of an overview of the Unified Kingdom’s early history. It includes a few names which you may find familiar, interesting, or both.

As always, Patrons who donated $1 a month or more got access to this article a week in advance, so if you don’t like waiting until the middle of the month to get access, you know where to go.

4 responses to “July Content Update

  • Juan

    Hello Mr. Wang, huge fan of yourork. I was wondering if there was something wrong with the articles, because whenever I click on the links, especially those after the last part of the Wells Report, the page seems to be blank. I mean no links, no text, just… Blank.

    • Paul Wang

      The links go to rather hefty image files, so it might just be taking a little while to load.

      • Juan

        Ahh, no wonder. If their images then, I don’t think my screen reader will be able to do much about that sadly. Thank you for the response. I await your Cryptkeeprs and Lords eagerly.

  • Riyaz

    When will you finish lords of infinity? I am a great fan of your works!

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