The Hero of Kendrickstone


Genre: High Fantasy

Released: March 13th, 2015

Platform: iOS/Android/PC

Version: 1.0.4

Publisher: Choice of Games

Live the life of a young adventurer in a high fantasy world. Face down fierce foes with spell or sword or silver tongue, outwit cunning rivals, cement your fledgling reputation, and maybe, just maybe, make enough coin for room and board.

Will you spend the last of your silver on a bed for the night, or potions for your next adventure? Do you spend your evenings studying ancient secrets, or prize-fighting for a little extra coin? Will you seek a mentor to help hone your skills, or strike out on your own? Will you overcome your foes with magic, speechcraft, or brute force? Will you prove a paragon of compassion, or a callous mercenary? Will you die forgotten and un-mourned, or will you become The Hero of Kendrickstone?

Free Demo

Get The Hero of Kendrickstone on:

iOS AppStore


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Chrome Web Store

Amazon Kindle

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