Master of Fortresses 2


Genre: RTS/Defence

Version: Late Alpha Testing

Release Date: When it’s ready

The year is 1643 and Europe is aflame.

In the west, the mountain passes of the Pyrenees echo with the thunder of cannon and musketry as French armies advance deep into the territory of proud and magnificent Spain. In the North, Hapsburg and Bourbon struggle over the crumbling wreckage of the Holy Roman Empire as two of the greatest armies in Europe jockey for dominance over Central Europe. In the heart of Imperial Spain, the Count-Duke of Olivares struggles to maintain his disintegrating power as his grandiose, ambitious Hapsburg King Phillip IV fights in vain to prevent the decline of the empire of his forefathers had built with the looted silver of America. Against him stands the boy-king Louis XIV, his greatness yet to be recognized by the world. His defacto regent, the untested Cardinal Mazarin, looks for a glorious victory to solidify the rule of his five-year old king and to prove himself a worthy heir to the illustrious Cardinal Richelieu. At his command sit two of the most talented generals France would ever know: The Count of Turenne and the Duke of Enghien, later to be immortalized as the Great Conde.

It is a war of long marches, of brutal atrocity, of daring raids and great sieges. The fortified cities of Northern Europe, battered after decades of war do their best to keep their people safe with the latest in military engineering. The greatest of these fortified states are the seven provinces of the Netherlands, united under the capable house of Oranje. Here, the great fortress cities of the Dutch Republic hold out against the Spanish nobles who once ruled them, and cast a wary eye at their erstwhile – and opportunistic – French “allies”.

It is during this time of turmoil that you must take command of a fortress and defend it from the great armies that would see you crushed beneath their heels. As an officer in the Dutch, French or Spanish Army, you will be able to expand outwards from a tiny garrison and a single fortified blockhouse to create a great bastion of military might. Place your buildings well, deploy your troops cleverly, hide your traps with cunning and perhaps you can become the Master of Fortresses.


-100×100 tiles in full 32-bit colour make the battlefield more beautiful than before.

-Play as three factions, each with their unique strengths and weaknesses.

-Recruit faction-specific special units to bolster your garrison and strengthen their resolve.

-Hold the line on 10 unique maps, each 6-18 times bigger than MoF1′s areas.

-Win nearly 100 battle honours and achievements

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