The Cryptkeepers of Hallowford

Genre: High Fantasy

Released: December 21st, 2017

Platform: iOS/Android/PC

Version: 1.0

Publisher: Choice of Games

Hallowford is under attack. Monstrous creatures prowl beneath its streets and keep the townsfolk in fear. The powerful and enigmatic Cryptkeepers Guild has sent out a call for adventurers.

You are among those who have answered.

Yet all is not as it seem. The Cryptkeepers have their own agenda, and so do your fellow adventurers. There are secrets in the crypts that are better left hidden, and a revelation which will shake Hallowford to its very foundations.

The Cryptkeepers of Hallowford is the sequel to 2015’s The Hero of Kendrickstone, a 360 000 word tale of low cunning and high adventure. Step into the role of a veteran adventurer in a high fantasy world. Sharpen your steel, prepare your spells, and practise your silver tongue. Decide who to trust and who to betray. Discover lost secrets and forbidden magic. Ally with the powerful Cryptkeepers Guild, the town watch, your fellow adventurers, or follow your own agenda. Save Hallowford, or engineer its downfall for your own gain.

Will you complete your quest and save the town? Or will you make enemies of the Cryptkeepers of Hallowford?

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