Choice of Broadsides: HMS Foraker

Genre: Military Fiction

Release Date: Sept 6th, 2018

Platform: iOS/Android/PC

Publisher: Choice of Games

The year is 1813, in a world much like our own.

For two decades, Albion and her allies have fought against the relentless advance of the Empire of the Gauls across the length and breadth of the Old World. It is the most bloody conflict in the history of the world, with entire nations struggling for survival on the battlefield.

But this is not their story.

Far from the Old World, far from Albion, the captain and crew of 38-gun frigate HMS Foraker fight a different war, against a different enemy. The United Republics of Columbia may lack Gaul’s numbers, but its leaders are greedy for Albion’s New World colonies, its sailors are brave and stalwart, and its outnumbered fleet has beaten the Royal Navy again and again. The people of Albion are in dire need of a victory, to show that the Columbians are not invincible, that the war may yet be won.

It will be up to you, and the crew of HMS Foraker to give them one.

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