Shadow Regiment


Genre: Top-Down Stealth

Version: 1.05

Released: December 22nd, 2011

The bright flame of progress has come to the land. Under the uniting aegis of the White King, the realm grows rich and powerful off the fruits of a new industrial age.

However, progress has a price. Dreams of conquest and dominion spur the High King onwards to ever greater corruption. The land is stripped bare to fuel the kingdom’s new war machine. Even so, men and women dream of a new age, of a land free of the White King’s boundless tyrannies. From dark alleys to the very heart of royal might, they plot the downfall of their hated overlord. With stealth, with guile and with fleetness of foot, they fight a secret war. They are the dispossessed and the victimised, the lingering shadows cast by the White King’s bright flame of boundless tyranny. They are the men and women of the Shadow Regiment.

And now, so are you…






-4 Classes, each with a unique ability and play style.

-4 Unique enemies with their own special abilities and behaviours.

-18 Stages, ranging from dim back alleys to mighty fortresses.

-Customizable difficulty, tweak any of a half a dozen variables to make the game easier or more challenging.

-More than three dozen achievements.

-An online scoreboard to compare your stats with other players around the world.

Play Shadow Regiment on Kongregate.

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